Evan Bass 'Bachelor in Paradise'

It’s interesting how drastically people can change after seeing how they have been perceived by others. When a person watches themselves on a TV series seen by millions of viewers, it’s like seeing one’s flaws under a magnifying glass. This is why so many of the former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants head to “Paradise” with the goal of rebranding themselves. They are ready to wipe the slate clean and start anew.

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Grabbing that golden opportunity to truly transform himself from his past presence in the public eye is Evan. Who? The erectile dysfunction doc from JoJo Fletcher’s season. Remember this creeper?

Evan Bass 'The Bachelorette'

Maybe it’s the sun and the sand, but the guy who was previously only known as “the penis doctor,” with a leering smile that made audiences cringe, has returned to TV a new man. And he’s awesome.

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During his time on “The Bachelorette,” it was hard to understand how Evan even made it through the casting process. He stood out in all the wrong ways as one of JoJo Fletcher’s 26 suitors.  If it weren’t for his beef with resident villain Chad, JoJo would’ve sent him home a lot sooner. Evan came off as so creepy and whiny. He had also zero chemistry with JoJo.

Chad and Evan GIF

Upon hearing Evan was pinged for “Paradise,” the only logical conclusion for this casting decision was because producers wanted to pit him once more against his No. 1 enemy, Chad. Evan’s presence ensured drama. Based on previews in which Evan gets shuttled away in an ambulance, it’s about to go down.

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Since Chad has already been kicked off the show, it’s safe to assume Evan gets caught in the crossfire of what’s sure be a fiery Chad Bear exit on Monday (Aug. 8). No matter how hard we try, no one can forget the first time Chad was sent home on national TV. It was the Freddy Kruger of exits. This man does not go quietly into the good night.

Chad Johnson ' The Bachelorette' exit

But before Evan gets the crap kicked out of him again for standing up to the meat-eating, protein-weighing, deeply troubled “Dolla dolla bills”-yelling man that is Chad, Evan shows up to “Paradise” with such a confident ease, it made us pause. All of a sudden, Evan seems really, really likable.

Evan Bass 'Bachelor in Paradise' with Chris Harrison

He’s cool and calm. It’s not so much his outward appearance that has transformed, but with this striking inner self-assurance shining though, he looks more attractive than ever. This new persona is totally awesome. He’s like the cool dad whose kids’ friends wish were theirs, the guy at all the {TA meetings that all the moms fawn over. Hey “Bachelor” casting department, now we get it.

Check out Evan’s Instagram! He’s actually pretty darn handsome.

Where was this guy all last season?

Not one for bathroom selfies but it's the fight. #maypac #teampacman

A photo posted by Evan Bass (@theebass) on

Evan truly seems like a cool guy and we’re definitely cheering for him to find love in “Paradise.”

Evan Bass and company on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

While he’s going to have competition winning over these ladies’ hearts with Nick and Josh around, the women seem to be flocking to him regardless. And we hope that he does find his penguin this season.

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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