Grant and Lace 'Bachelor in Paradise'

When is it too soon to say, “I love you?”  While four weeks may seem ridiculously early — in “Bachelor in Paradise” time, that’s like four months. Now, that still may seem too soon to drop the L-bomb for most people, but the ladies and gentleman competing for love on this reality series are not most people. Take Grant and Lace, for instance. She’s off her rocker and he’s apparently in love with all of her crazy.

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On Monday night’s (Aug. 22) episode, Grant sat in the hot tub with Lace and said those three magic words. Did she say it back? No. But she did press him to know more. “What is it about me that you, like, love?,” she asks.

Pray tell, Grant. Viewers are dying to know how you fell in love with the girl that was making out with your favorite person — The Chad Bear — just a few weeks prior.

Chad and Lace 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Grant tells her that he fell in love with her because she cares about people with her whole heart. Lace begins to cry and admits that she can see a future with him. Can you really, Lace? Or are you already regretting the matching “Grace” tattoos that TMZ reported you both got.

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Unfortunately, another one of the power couples in “Paradise” took a major hit this week. Brace yourselves … this might be the end of Vinny and Izzy.

Vinny and Izzy 'Bachelor in Paradise'

The moment Brett — the not so memorable hairstylist from Andi Dorfman’s “Bachelorette” season –walked in, Izzy started swooning hard. And yes, we’re talking about Brett … the guy who made his entrance while holding a lamp.

Brett 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Izzy’s quick flip is beyond comprehension, and Vinny is not dealing with the heartache well. But if she’s willing to ditch a good thing so quickly, then it’s a good thing he found her sooner, rather than later. The episode ended with a “To Be Continued … ” so fans only have to wait one more night to see if “Vizzy” survives through Week 4.

“Bachelor in Paradise” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.