Josh Murray, Amanda Stanton, Nick Viall 'Bachelor in Paradise'

It’s hard to keep a relationship under wraps when two people are newly in love and engaged, and one particular “Bachelor in Paradise” couple has been caught on camera out and about numerous times. Based on these photos from TMZ, we have the answer to the love triangle problem that is Nick Viall, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton. Which man does she choose? Stop reading now if you don’t want any “Paradise” spoilers.

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Even though Nick had his eyes set on Amanda the moment he arrived to the island, Josh was able to swoop right in and woo her away. Nick was understandably not happy to see history repeat itself, having a girl pick Josh over him yet again, but it was more the way Josh went about it that made Nick mad. “Given our history,” Nick says. “I think he would’ve just come to me and said, ‘Hey, I know you went out with Amanda. I want to go out with Amanda, too. Man to man.'”

In this sneak peak clip from Tuesday’s (Aug. 9) episode, it’s abundantly clear that Nick is already the furthest thing from Amanda’s mind after one date with Josh. And the two of them announce their budding romance simply by making out in front of everyone. Nick tries to play it cool, but even Daniel can tell he’s upset, and Daniel is the kind of guy that has trouble spelling his own name.

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So, the questions everyone is wondering: Do Josh and Amanda get engaged? Are they still together? Yes, and yes. Something that “Paradise” producers can’t be happy about, Josh and Amanda have been spotted together at the Orange County Fair with her kids in tow, grabbing a bite to eat and shopping at Target. These two seem to be the real deal. And if the rumors are true, Amanda is planning to move from The OC to buy a house with Josh in Atlanta, Ga.

For those still doubting that Amanda is having a serious lapse in judgement really packing her bags and taking her children to move in and marry Josh, Reality Steve confirms this news as well.

He has done some stellar detective work by stalking Amanda and Josh’s social media accounts as well.

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