Da’Vonne Rogers was a major loss to the “Big Brother 18” house when she was evicted Aug. 4 and become the first jury member.

Her game play wasn’t always on point, but she was a character and always gave good Diary Room sessions.

When Zap2it expressed our sadness over her eviction to “Big Brother” executive producer Allison Grodner at the 2016 TCA summer press tour CBS event, Grodner laughed and said she agrees it’s too bad.

“She’s our star. It’s too bad, it really is,” says Grodner, adding that maybe there’s a chance to see Da’Vonne again.

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“You never know what could happen. We’ve had a lot of opportunities, remember the round-trip ticket? There still might be … who knows what could happen?” says Grodner.

Oooh! Whether you love or hate Da’Vonne, that would certainly shake the house up. And speaking of shaking the house up, Grodner agrees with us that Thursday’s (Aug. 11) live eviction is the watershed moment for the season.

“They woke up, didn’t they, the girls? This is a big turning point in this season,” says Grodner. “Michelle and Bridgette — Bridgette came to play in the last 24 hours. We don’t know where she was, but 24 hours ago, she woke up.”

Thursday’s episode should be a lot of fun, especially since we anticipate a double eviction, which is always a lot of fun. Zap2it will be live-tweeting all the twists and turns beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on our official Twitter account, so follow along!