After the Head of Household endurance competition ended at midnight ET Thursday (Aug. 25), it looked as though "Big Brother 18" fans were in for a fairly boring week -- but not so fast. The live feeds were quite interesting following the comp, so read on to find out the status of the house, but be warned of spoilers.

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The HOH competition came down to Nicole and James, with Nicole finally whining enough about wanting a letter from her mom to get James to drop. He did ask for safety for himself and Natalie, but overnight on the live feeds, Nicole started to eye other plans, so here are Zap2it's power rankings going into week 10 in the "BB 18" house.

1. Nicole, up 4 spots

As HOH, Nicole wields quite a bit of power this week. The houseguests don't know that the care package only contains money designed to be used as a bribe, which is a perfectly fine care package, but nothing as powerful as a co-HOH or an HOH takeover or something. So Nicole is in really good shape, for now.

She and Corey have decided that working with Paul and Victor might be their best bet, which is an interesting turn of events -- because the returning jurors all made it known that they want James evicted, which should tell Nicole that he's a good person to hang on to because no one will vote for him to win the game.

2. Corey, up 4 spots

Corey is only safe because his snugglebunny is HOH this week. To keep being safe in the house, he needs to win HOH next week. Paul and Victor might honor their new alliance next week, but if Corey's not HOH, they would also do well to get him evicted, so he may be in some trouble in a week's time. But he is 100 percent secure this week.

3. Paul, up 4 spots

Out of Paul and Victor, Paul is safer because he's the one who really orchestrated this new deal with Nicole and Corey. Victor is much more likely to be used as a pawn if Nicole has to find one to up against her real target (Michelle).

4. Victor, held steady

Victor may have to be used as a pawn this week. It all depends on who Nicole decides to put up beside Michelle. Right now, she's leaning towards Natalie and Michelle, which means Victor should be safe -- at least until the POV results are known.

5. James, down 2 spots

James asked for safety this week and he should be OK. However, if Natalie and Michelle go up on the block and one of them comes down via POV, he could be a re-nom because there are only so many people available for the block this week. He and Natalie should be prepared to fight for the Power of Veto.

6. Natalie, down 5 spots

Michelle is the target this week, but as regular "Big Brother" viewers know, the pawn is a risky position to be in. If Michelle saves herself from the block, Natalie could be in some trouble.

7. Michelle, down 5 spots

Poor Michelle and Natalie. Their co-HOH week was a total waste now that the game is the exact same as it was a week ago -- but with a new HOH who is targeting them. Michelle is the only person not in a two-person alliance, so she's an easy person to evict this week. There would be hardly any repercussions to voting her out and Michelle knows it. On the live feeds, she was already acting like her goose is cooked. The Power of Veto is probably the only thing keeping her in the house this week.

What will be interesting is if Corey, Nicole, Paul or Victor win POV, would they decide to use it and put Natalie and James on the block together? That would be an amazing week of drama, but it just doesn't seem that likely at this point because the big moves in "BB 18" are few and far between.