After spending the majority of her “Big Brother 18” summer either sleeping or making out with Corey, Nicole has all of a sudden become a major player in the game. Read on to find out her master plan and whether she can pull it off. Warning: Spoilers from the live feeds.

Nicole’s target

As Head of Household, Nicole decided that Michelle is her target this week, which is both a smart and kind of dumb choice. It’s dumb because Michelle is not a threat to win anything, least of all the game itself, but it’s a smart choice because Nicole can get someone out without having to choose between targeting one of the two remaining two-person alliances (James/Natalie and Victor/Paul).

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Michelle is the path of least resistance, so she’s an easy person to evict without getting much blood on your hands or leaving someone in the house who is super mad at you for evicting his or her partner.

The Power of Veto

In addition to winning HOH this week, Nicole also won the POV. Now, this is an interesting scenario. The person she put on the block next to Michelle is Paul and the idea is that James and Natalie will vote to evict Paul, Corey and Victor will vote to evict Michelle and Nicole, as the tiebreaker, will send Michelle out the door.

It should go off without a hitch. The only sticking point is if James gets in Corey and/or Nicole's ear and makes them doubt Paul. Paul should be a little nervous until Thursday (Sept. 1) because there's always a chance Corey flips his vote.

Odds to win

With these late-season wins, if Nicole keeps kind of running the house, she could be a major threat to win the game. She's well liked, she hasn't really made an enemies and now all of a sudden she woke up and started playing. She could probably beat most people in the finals -- because even if she's against a guy, the women of the jury might decide it's time for a female winner and that's five votes right there.