Fun things are afoot in the “Big Brother 18” house. Read on to find out why Thursday’s (Aug. 11) episode is poised to be the most important episode of the summer, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

The house finally wises up

Late in the night — actually, early in the morning, like 6 a.m. — several hamsters realized that Paulie is going to skate to the $500K prize if they don’t do something to stop him. James, Natalie and Bridgette came together to agree on evicting Zakiyah, who is definitely Paulie’s pawn in the game, and keeping Michelle.

They rather amazingly got Paul on board and Bridgette is sure Victor won’t care because he’s wanted Michelle to stay all along. The only sticking point is they are worried about blindsiding Paulie and thereby incurring his wrath, so they’re contemplating telling him the plan during the day Thursday.

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This seems like a huge mistake, because what if he manages to weasel out of it? But either way, they have the votes. There are seven this week and James can cancel out two of them. The plan is for Natalie, Bridgette and James to evict Zakiyah but James to cancel Paul and Paulie’s votes, leaving it 3-2 for Zakiyah to go (Corey and Nicole being the only votes against Michelle) and then to blame the wonky vote on Nicole, like she was working with the girls. That might work with Paulie, but it’s really neither here nor there.

The HOH competitions are critical

It's all well and good to get Zakiyah out, but that's not a huge blow to Paulie's iron grip on the house. The real key to flipping this game is the Head of Household competition and then possible second HOH competition.

Live-feed viewers are anticipating a double eviction and it is crucial that the Paul/James/Natalie/Bridgette/Michelle alliance win the first one. If they don't, Paulie, Corey or Nicole will surely put two of them up and then they only need three votes to evict the person they want out -- Victor becomes key in this situation and he seems pretty tight with his bros, Paulie and Corey.

But if the five-person alliance can win HOH and get Paulie or one of his cronies out, that would be huge. Because then even if one of Paulie/Corey/Nicole win the second HOH, they don't have the votes to run roughshod over the eviction.

The season is saved

Look, nothing against Paulie as a game player, but it's no fun at all to watch one person dominate the game and everyone else just lie down in front of him. That's incredibly boring for the viewers.

We would have no problem with Paulie being a mastermind if he had a side of the house to battle against. It's why people love Season 6, watching the Nerd Herd do battle with the Cool Kids. Or why people love to hate Rachel Reilly -- she played the game hard but was also battling against an opposition.

That's what this season has been sorely lacking and thank goodness some of the hamsters have figured out what is happening. Now we just need for one of them to win HOH and really turn the season around.