The double eviction episode of “Big Brother 18” did not disappoint at all, but guess what? When the feeds returned, it looks like the viewers are also in for a fun week of game play. Read on to find out who won HOH and who his or her targets are, but be warned — live feed spoilers.

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The new Head of Household is Victor, who is kind of turning into a competition beast. But proving that he still doesn’t quite have his head in the game, his initial targets were Natalie and Michelle. Luckily, Paul was there to shake some sense into Victor and that’s why he’s topping Zap2it’s power rankings this week.

1. Paul, held steady

No, Paul isn’t HOH this week. But he’s definitely wielding the power and playing the smartest game, as he made Victor realize that now is the time for a big move and they have to nominate Paulie and Corey against one another to assure that one of them goes home.

Victor was initially scared to do it and we get that — it’s daunting to go against the person you think is running the game. But that person doesn’t have the numbers anymore, so now is the time to get him out.

If Paul plays smart, he might just win this whole thing.

2. Victor, up 2 spots

Well done on winning another HOH, Victor. Now, just don't chicken out on nominating the powerful players.

3. James, up 1 spot

Out of the three "in the middle" players, James is definitely in the best spot. Paul and Victor like him, America likes him and Natalie will basically do whatever he says. He's another one who could get really far and maybe even win the entire thing.

4. Natalie, up 2 spots

Natalie is really interesting, because she was largely the mastermind behind getting Zakiyah out and turning on Paulie, yet the show was edited to make it look as though it was more James, Michelle and Bridgette, which is not cool. However, we still like the signs of life she's showing. After the house successfully breaks up the Paulie/Corey/Nicole alliance, if she could start making more big moves, she could be in really good shape.

5. Michelle, up 3 spots

Michelle is definitely the lowest in the pecking order of her side of the house right now, by virtue of the fact that she's not paired up with anyone. If the next three evictions go Paulie/Corey/Nicole in some order (which ... they probably won't, but they could), Michelle could find herself as the odd woman out and in a very precarious position. Her smartest move would be to get two of the P/C/N alliance out and then scoop up the remaining one as her final two partner. Then it's three teams of two battling it out.

6. Nicole, down 4 spots

The only reason Nicole isn't lower is because the house has bigger fish to fry this week. But everyone has caught on to what a terrible game she's playing and how blinded her desire to keep making out with Corey, so even if she got to the end, winning would be very tough for her.

7. Corey, down 6 spots

People seem to like Corey OK, so if he can somehow survive the rest of the summer, he could be in a position to win. That's a big mountain to climb, however, because he's a huge target. If Paulie gets taken off the block this week, Corey makes a perfectly suitable eviction replacement.

8. Paulie, down 7 spots

Could it be? Could President Paulie finally be going home? Fingers crossed, gang. This guy needs to go. He's being super gross towards the women in the house, lashing out about Natalie's boob job and how much he had sex with Zakiyah, all because he was mad about the blindside. Grow up, Paulie. You got got by the house, deal with it like an adult and stop being such a misogynist. His ouster can't come soon enough.