“Big Brother” is always so much fun when the power in the house flips. Whether it flips to someone you like or someone you hate, it always makes for the most interesting live feeds. Read on to find out what Paulie is up to — it’s a great week to watch the live feeds. But be warned of live feed spoilers ahead.

Poor pouting Paulie

As TV watchers know, the two nominees this week are Corey and Paulie because Paul and Victor finally wised up to the fact that they were being used as Paulie’s pawns. What TV watchers don’t know (yet) is that Victor also won the Power of Veto and Paulie is desperate for Victor to use it.

On Sunday (Aug. 14), Paulie first tried to get Victor to agree to use it on him (Paulie) and then switched to trying to get Victor to use it on Corey so at least Paulie isn’t on the block against his bro. But Victor smartly realizes that if Corey’s up there, that’s a guaranteed vote for Paulie in Nicole and if he takes Corey down, that’s two guaranteed votes for Paulie to stay. So Victor tells Paulie that’s just not going to happen.

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It is then, around 1 p.m. PT, that Paulie starts to implode. First he refuses to do his POV punishment (which is making apple pies), then he starts saying he can’t go to the jury house because he’s claustrophobic — which makes zero sense because the jury house is like a mansion compared to the BB house. It’s not like CBS locks the jurors in boxes somewhere.

A few hours later, around 4:30 p.m., Paulie starts ignoring his calls to the Diary Room. He eventually goes — two hours later — and then makes a pie. But he refuses to make any more pies and then the feeds go down for over 10 minutes so that production can talk to Paulie.

He's being an absolute brat, not that live-feed watchers should be surprised. Paulie has shown shades of being a bit of a jerk this season, but since he was always in power, he kept it mostly in check. Now that he knows he's on the way out, Paulie is being a typical sore loser. Look, dude -- you played a pretty good game this summer, but you can't just assume things are always going to go your way and if you alienate people, this is where you wind up.

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Also, Victor has rightly pointed out to Paul and James that Paulie had his chance to win POV and save himself and he lost. Them's the breaks.

The TV edit

It will be really interesting to see how all this plays out on Wednesday's episode, because Paulie made a comment at roughly 9:40 p.m. about how he was only going through with his punishment so that the producers get the shots they need for TV.

This implies that instead of showing Paulie warts and all, the show is going to make it look as though he's doing his punishments just like everyone else. It's wildly unfair, but certainly not unprecedented on "Big Brother."

Hilariously, about an hour before Paulie's TV comment, Corey told Paulie that he knows production doesn't like what's happening in the house right now and neither do the viewers.

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Wrong, on both counts. Executive producer Allison Grodner told Zap2it last week that she was excited the girls in the house finally woke up. Now, she may not want Paulie out specifically, but you know she's gotta be excited that the season finally got interesting.

As for the viewers? Sorry, Paulie, but no -- there are probably plenty of Paulie fans out there, but the general consensus online is that the show finally got good and Paulie should get to steppin'.