Things have been quite lively in the “Big Brother 18” house this week. Read on to find out what’s going on in the house right now, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

Nomination regrets

After Natalie won Head of Household and Michelle received America’s Care Package, the two of them made a rather baffling decision to target Paul and Victor. Now, one can argue that they had to target one pair and it’s perfectly reasonable to choose Paul/Victor over Corey/Nicole.

And that’s true. But Corey/Nicole are just so unlikable — Corey because of his personality, Nicole because of her lack of game play and her choice to align herself with Corey/Paulie — so it’s nice that Natalie and Michelle came to their senses and this all might actually work out fine.

After nominating Paul and Victor, Michelle and Natalie realized that Nicorey is the bigger threat to win, so they decided that they all had to play really hard for the Power of Veto so they could take one of the guys off and replace him with Corey. That’s … sort of what happened.

The Power of Veto

Paul worked his butt off to remember the "Big Brother Storm Alert" details and he won the middle-of-the-night POV competition, which is fortunate because during the day Saturday Natalie, James and Michelle had decided they were only going to save Victor. Could Paul have survived this week if he hadn't won POV? We'll never know, but it would have been a challenge.

Anyway, Paul is obviously going to save himself and the only problem arising now is that Michelle seems to think Nicole is the bigger threat, so she wants to use Nicole as the re-nom. That seems like a mistake.

But either way, the only votes this week are going to be Paul, James and whichever half of Nicorey doesn't go on the block. James is going to be KEY this week -- Paul will vote to keep Victor, Nicorey will vote to keep each other and then James ... who knows? He seems to be loyal to Nicole as a fellow "BB" veteran, so if she's on the block, it may be bye-bye Victor this week. If it's Corey, that's another story.

But stay tuned, because it should be a pretty fun week in the "BB 18" house.