One “Big Brother 18” houseguest could really flip the script in week 9 — if he or she would realize there’s a third Power of Veto option that hasn’t really been considered. Read on to find out what it is, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

The house status

As it stands right now, Victor and Paul are on the block, but Paul won the POV and that means Michelle (as the Care Package winner) gets to name the re-nom. She wants one of Nicole/Corey to go up, but her conundrum is she wants Nicole out (not really sure why, Nicole hasn’t really won anything and she barely gets out of bed every day) but Michelle knows if she puts up Nicole, she’s going to have a hard time convincing James to vote out his fellow “BB” veteran.

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However, what she has started to get a feel for is that she’s going to have a hard time either way. James and Natalie have decided to align themselves with Nicorey and so James is determined to vote out Victor no matter who Michelle puts up next to him.

It’s going to crush Michelle, because she loves Victor and she’s going to blame herself for his eviction because she let Natalie convince her they should nominate Paul/Victor for eviction.

The flip

However, something Michelle has only briefly joked about is nominating James -- but it's something she should consider. Everyone's acting like it's a foregone conclusion that he'll have the deciding vote this week, but what if he didn't?

James is playing the game in a very wishy-washy way -- he throws competitions, he keeps his head down, he doesn't want to make big waves. But if she put him on the block, maybe Nicorey could be convinced he needs to go. He's far too well-liked to take to the end.

Natalie would be livid if James ended up going home, but ... she can't play for HOH this week. So maybe it is in Michelle's best interest to go to Nicorey and tell them she'll keep them both off the block this week if they promise to evict James.

It's a long shot, but Nicorey is pretty devious. If they see an opportunity to take out a person who is a social game threat, they might jump on it -- especially because it keeps them off the block. Right now it looks like they're both safe, but it's a long time between Monday afternoon's POV ceremony and Thursday night's eviction. What if Michelle got Natalie (and therefore James) to flip and vote out Corey?

Michelle should appeal to Nicorey about James playing both sides and see if she can shake things up.