"Big Brother" is always an interesting study in group dynamics and manipulation. Sometimes you watch one person sneakily dominate the entire season in a really deft and crafty way, a la Dr. Will. Sometimes two warring factions go toe-to-toe all season, a la Season 6. But unfortunately, sometimes one person takes charge and the rest of the house just rolls over to his whim -- which is what's happening in Season 18 and why there is no one left to root for at this point.

Paulie has been dominating "BB 18." He has won Head of Household and Power of Veto twice each, in addition to being on the team that won an additional HOH and two Road Kill competitions. He might be an interesting person to root for, except no one in the house is making it remotely hard for him. Why is that a problem? Because he isn't really being forced to play the game much. He basically just has to tell people what to do and what is the fun in that?

He also just isn't as likable or charismatic as a player like Dr. Will or Dan Gheesling. So he mostly just comes across as a giant tool, like the way he berated Zakiyah one night for lying to him (she didn't) and then laughed about making her cry. Who wants to root for that kind of gross behavior?

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Paulie's lackeys aren't any better. At least in Season 12, Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney were fun to watch. Paulie, Paul, Corey and Nicole are no Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Britney.

When Frank went home and Paul won HOH, Zap2it was excited thinking that maybe it was time for a shake-up in the house, but Paul became Paulie's lapdop faster than you can blink and that went out the window.

James and Natalie are content with just bopping along and keeping their heads down at this point.

And the girls this season just flat-out stink now that Da'Vonne and Tiffany are gone. Whether you like Day and Tiff or not, you can't deny they are pot-stirrers who are not content to acquiesce to whatever the HOH wants to do every week.

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But Zakiyah, Bridgette, Nicole, Natalie and Michelle are perfectly content to just be picked off one by one -- because they certainly aren't doing anything about it. Most of them are blinded by their showmances and it's gross to watch.

There are plenty of likable people in the "Big Brother" house, but that isn't enough. Viewers want likable game-players, not likable doormats.

So ... unless something happens to flip the "BB 18" house on its ear, this season is a total write-off. Is it time for the fall edition yet?