Goodbye Hotch … hello Prentiss!

The game of musical chairs happening with the “Criminal Minds” cast this fall has us spinning, but we’re glad things finally seem to be settling in for Season 12.

Fans might be down in the dumps to see Aaron Hotchner leave “Criminal Minds” — thanks to Thomas Gibson’s firing earlier this month — but it probably helped pin Paget Brewster down to return as Emily Prentiss.

The short arc Brewster planned to return for in Season 12 has officially been bumped up to a full-time gig. CBS made it official on Tuesday (Aug. 30), announcing that Brewster has officially been upped to series regular.

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With Hotch leaving the BAU, we have to wonder if this will mean big things for Prentiss in regards to her position on the team. Her exit in Season 7 first sent her into hiding and then to Interpol for work. We’re assuming she’s probably picked up several new bad-guy catching techniques and some serious leadership skills along the way.

Could those new skills help her take over as chief of the BAU?

We’d previously guessed that Shemar Moore’s Agent Morgan might be drawn back into the show as the new leader. But now, we’re wondering if Agent Emily Prentiss might be a better and more convenient option to fill that role.

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If, heaven forbid, something terrible happens to Hotch in his final episode — a possibility that is not out of the question considering Gibson’s sudden dismissal — we can absolutely see a visiting Emily stepping in to take over that position temporarily.

If she ends up killing it at the job, like we know she can, who’s to say she won’t just stay on as BAU chief permanently?

“Criminal Minds” returns Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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