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If you’re still mourning the loss of the Braverman clan from your TV screens every week, “Parenthood” creator Jason Katims says you might not have to mourn forever.

At the 2016 Summer TCA Press Tour, Katims told TV Line that while a “Parenthood” revival series is not currently in the works, it’s definitely on the horizon.

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“It would start at the moment when I feel like I have a story to tell,” he says. “I feel like that will happen at some point. And then it will be a question of, logistically, can we get the actors [back together] at the same time? And then we have to [find an outlet] that wants to [air] it.”

It sounds like Katims is already hard at work planning for the series’ return, and he’s even looking at former “Parenthood” star Lauren Graham’s latest work for inspiration.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is sure to be a massive hit with fans, especially given Netflix’s decision to release all four episodes at once for optimum binge-ability. Naturally, Katims did some research into the “Gilmore Girls” revival to see how it all worked.

“I asked someone who was working on it how they structured it and how it all worked,” Katims says. “Because I was thinking that might happen [with ‘Parenthood’] down the road a few years.”

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Does this mean “Gilmore Girls” essentially relaunched a possible “Parenthood” revival? It’s definitely possible seeing as previous rumors of a spinoff/revival/TV movie never quite panned out. Now with revivals like “Gilmore Girls” and “Fuller House” getting massive attention, cancelled shows everywhere have a better chance of living again, if they can prove they’ve got the fanbase to back them up.

All things considered, Netflix would be a great place for a potential “Parenthood” revival to make its home, but we’re not ruling out the possibility that NBC would take it back under the right circumstances.

However, like Katims, we’re of the mind that a “Parenthood” revival would be best served a few years down the road, once the next generation of Braverman’s have had time to build their own families. We certainly hope it doesn’t take 10 years to catch up with the next generation, but a significant time jump would definitely be necessary.