Daisy Head Guilt Freeform

Grace Atwood’s (Daisy Head) trial on “Guilt” is off to a shaky start. While Gwendolyn (Naomi Ryan) tears into her secrets in the courtroom, the first star witness hangs himself in a psychiatric ward and the second star witness chickens out on the stand.

Even with the amazing Stan Gutterie (Billy Zane) as her lawyer, we’re not sure how Grace can recover from a blow like this.

Apparently Grace isn’t sure either, since she’s already started to charm the cute security guard driving her to and from trial every day. We would have expected something a little bit more subtle from Grace than an offer to run away with her and her trust fund, but we guess the ticking clock of her impending guilty verdict is making Grace play things a little fast and loose.

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If only she knew that Natalie (Emily Tremaine) and Bruno (Cristian Solimeno) were inching closer and closer to proving that Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy) has been murdering girls for much longer than even they imagined. There’s no proof yet that the body they dug up will tie back to the prince, but we’d be surprised if it’s mere coincidence that she died at one of his parties.

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about Prince Theo’s guilt for a minute.

The evidence has been mounting against Theo for weeks, and at this point, it’s looking more likely than ever that the temperamental royal decided to slash away his problems when he found out Molly (Rebekah Wainwright) was pregnant.

On the other hand, on a show like “Guilt,” there’s always one (or six) red herrings, and we’re beginning to think Theo is the best red herring of all.

He may have a temper and a seriously messed up knack for lying and manipulation, but we just can’t quite shake the way he keeps firmly telling people that he’d never hurt Molly. Call us crazy for believing that Theo has one honest bone is his body, but the admission is just too heartfelt to ignore.

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Could Theo prove himself innocent in Monday’s (Aug. 22) finale? And if so, who should we really be pointing the finger at?

We’re more suspicious than ever of Theo’s intimidating bodyguard, Philip (Osi Okerafor). He seems to be loyal to a fault, and the way he begs Theo to keep his “compulsions” under control reeks of desperation; the kind of desperation that might drive him to kill.

After all, it was his car seen outside the apartment on the night Molly was killed, and we doubt a member of the royal family could have sneaked in to that psychiatric ward to kill Neville (Ryan Gerald) and stage it like a suicide. At the end of the day, either Prince Theo is ordering him to commit these murders, or Philip is acting alone.

We’ll find out next week, when the finale of “Guilt” airs Monday (Aug. 22) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.