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After speculating all summer about who could have possibly killed Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright), the “Guilt” season finale is finally going to reveal who this elusive murderer is.

Is it Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy) with his almost overwhelming royal motive? Was her stalker, Neville (Ryan Gerald), to blame the whole time? Or will we find out that Grace (Daisy Head) really did have it in her to murder her best friend in cold blood?

Even if she did, is it possible that Stan (Billy Zane) will be able to win a not-guilty verdict in court?

Zap2it spoke with Daisy Head and Billy Zane about the final episode of Season 1, and what fans should expect from the big reveal.

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“I was genuinely surprised,” Zane says about finding out the killer’s identity. “I read along every episode as if I had been watching the show, which was, I thought, a really good indication of the literary pace and architecture of the piece as a whole. It had me. I was shocked and surprised and saddened.”

Head too was shocked, but she admits that no one on the cast was able to get it right. “I didn’t hear anyone say, ‘Yep, they did it. Yep, nailed it.'”

As far as Grace’s great escape goes, it’s still up for debate whether she and Josh will make it very far, but Head says that particular storyline broke her heart.

“He’s just this doe-eyed, lovely, lovely Northern boy, and I really struggled,” Head says. “Grace has stuff in her, and she’s feisty, but man, she’s manipulative when she wants to be … She’s not evil, she just makes these kind of irrational decisions based on her fight or flight reflexes.”

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Maybe her “fight” reflexes were enough to murder Molly, but maybe not. We’re still expecting a suspenseful and dramatic finale from “Guilt.” When asked to describe the final episode in one word, Zane and Head both gave excellent and frustrating answers.

“Explosive,” Head says definitively, while Zane opts for “Jaw-dropping — I couldn’t do it in one word, it needed a hyphen.”

Read the full interview after the finale of “Guilt” airs Monday, Aug. 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.