Daisy Head Billy Zane Guilt Freeform

Are you done picking your jaws up off the floor after that “Guilt” finale?

In the exciting conclusion to the season-long mystery of who killed Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright), we ended up getting two murderers for the price of one.

Poor, malleable, drugged-out Luc (Zachary Fall) turned out to be the one who killed Molly that night after slipping Grace (Daisy Head) something to keep her out of it, but he’s not the only one with blood on his hands. In the final moments of the finale, Grace discovers that Molly was also carrying on a relationship with Roz (Simona Brown), who couldn’t bear to see her in love with Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy).

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Instead of moving on with her broken heart, Roz threatened to blab about Luc’s previous erotic-asphyxiation accident unless he offed Molly for her. Talk about your last minute twists! Now, we’re not sure if even the amazing Stan Gutterie (Billy Zane) can get Grace out of the mess she’s created for herself by bashing Roz’s skull in, in fit of rage.

To help sort through it all, Zap2it spoke with Daisy Head and Billy Zane about that major reveal and their hopes for Season 2.

Zap2it: When you found out who the killer was, what was your reaction?

Billy Zane: I was genuinely surprised. I read along every episode as if I had been watching the show, which was, I thought, a really good indication of the literary pace and architecture of the piece as a whole. It had me. I was shocked and surprised and saddened — and relieved that it wasn’t Grace.

Daisy Head: I was definitely relieved that it wasn’t Grace too. It did confirm a few suspicions that I had had because I hadn’t fully decided who I thought had done it. I was still very much playing Grace’s ambiguity because, you know, I didn’t know whether she could have been responsible. I did have my suspicions about Roz from the beginning just because she was such a hostile character from the get-go, and her and Grace obviously clashed in the past. I was surprised that Roz had managed to play Luc in the way that she did.

Did anyone on the cast guess it correctly?

BZ: Not that I heard.

DH: No, I think we were all keeping our cards very close to our chests, so there wasn’t too much on-set speculation and people saying who they definitely thought did it. The show is so ambiguous and the girls wrote it so cleverly that they do swing you from one way to the other, so you’re never fully confident in making any decision. I didn’t hear anyone say, “Yep, they did it. Yep, nailed it.”

I felt so bad for that security guard Grace roped into running away with her, poor guy.

DH: I know! Honestly, my heart broke. He is just this doe-eyed, lovely, lovely Northern boy, and I really struggled. Grace has stuff in her, and she’s feisty, but man she’s manipulative when she wants to be … She’s not evil, she just makes these kind of irrational decisions based on her fight or flight reflexes. Some cases she wants to stand up on her own two feet and throw some punches. In other cases she does want to flee. It doesn’t matter who can be her pawn in that respect and be manipulated into helping her achieve her goals.

Were you surprised by the reveal that Veena is Stan’s daughter?

BZ: No, I actually was informed early on. Quite early, which was interesting in playing it because the character knew. She was the one who was surprised, but I had been harboring and holding the knowledge throughout the piece, which was kind of fun to play.

Where do you hope that relationship goes in Season 2?

BZ: Oh, I think we’re both curiously a little manipulative and at times acerbic. I hope we have a double-negative affect on each other and make a positive. I hope we both chill out a little bit. I don’t know, crime-fighters and press hounds? Who knows?

Grace has now committed actual murder, so how do you feel about that huge ending?

DH: It was difficult because throughout the whole season I have believed in Grace’s innocence, despite not knowing the conclusion of who killed Molly, but I did like feeling like she wasn’t capable of that based on her genuine friendship with Molly. So then when push comes to shove, in the climax, you see she is capable of killing someone — albeit not her best friend — it was kind of a little hard to stomach.

In the same breath, for Grace, it’s the climax of everything; it’s all the emotion, it’s all the hatred for Roz — because let’s face it Roz is a little bit of a bitch — and just the upset of Luc and the fact that Roz is responsible for the death of her boyfriend and her best friend.

I think she didn’t set out to start a fight, she didn’t set out to get violent, but she couldn’t help herself, and it was kind of one of those realizations where, “Uh oh, what have I actually done?” She was just seeing red, and her body was just acting without her brain taking any part in it.

I’m assuming Stan’s got to be their first call, right?

DH: Definitely

BZ: I can’t wait because I think I’m out of eye rolls. Like, really? I’m really looking forward to that reaction. She’s my favorite client, the gift that keeps giving.

DH: Absolutely.

Once you clear her of one murder, she’ll just go commit another.

DH: Exactly, keeping Stan on his feet.