Ever since "Suicide Squad's" version of Harley Quinn hit the big-screen, we can't stop thinking that she's the perfect candidate for the next "Arrow-verse" spinoff TV show.

She's got a dark past, a seriously messed up love story and butt-kicking abilities to rival Oliver Queen's. Plus, who says The CW superhero lineup can only focus on the heroes? "Legends of Tomorrow" has done a pretty fantastic job of showing us that villains make just as compelling crime-fighters as anyone.

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Whether it's a "Suicide Squad" TV reboot -- unlikely, but we can dream -- or a standalone series featuring Harley herself, we've got a few ideas on which actresses would fit the bill for the part.

Margot Robbie


This one might sound improbable, but Robbie did tell Comicbook.com that she could see herself playing Harley Quinn forever -- or at least for a very long time. What's more conducive to playing the same character year after year than a long, successful television show?

Candice King


Now that "The Vampire Diaries" is ending, Candice King will be leaving the character of Caroline Forbes behind, and you know how the CW loves to recycle actors. The few times she played a dark and conscience-less version of Caroline we got chills, so slating her into the mentally unstable roll of Harley Quinn is a given.

Arden Cho


Who says Harley Quinn has to be a white girl with blonde pigtails? Arden Cho would make an AMAZING Harley. Cho has an intensity about her that would work incredibly well for the Joker's lovelorn sidekick, and sure ... the pigtails would still look pretty adorable.

Dianna Agron


More often than not, Agron plays roles that are sugar and spice and everything nice, but we're willing to bet that if you added a little more spice to the mix, she'd absolutely kill it. We got to see her with the crazy eyes a few time on "Glee," and it was a surprisingly good look for her.

Danai Gurira


Heaven forbid anything ever happens to Michonne on "The Walking Dead," but if so, we think she's practically perfect in every way for Harley Quinn. She's already got mad fighting skills, and she's proven more than once that she's got the intensity and the slightly crazy vibe working in her favor.