On “Game of Thrones,” the High Sparrow presides over an army of followers who renounce sin, avoid earthly pleasure and choose quiet reflection over whimsy. Between takes, however, he and his flock kill time by playing party games on an iPhone.

The game, of course, is “Heads Up!” as created by and often seen on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” While the “GoT” cast clearly has lots of downtime between takes as the series sets up for its next epic battle scene, they hardly need the practice — as the video above posted by actor Dean-Charles Chapman shows, the High Septon (played by Jonathan Pryce) and his followers (Eugene Simon and Hannah Waddingham) already have their game on point.

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So, where do they rank among the all-time celeb “Heads Up!” players? Let’s take a look.

‘The Ghostbusters’

Although it’s hilarious that Leslie Jones doesn’t seem to know what a “shuttle cock” is (as is her face when she sees the word), and Kate McKinnon describes Hooters as “the restaurant with the boobs,” Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy dominate with their “Bump and Grind” moves. Still, Ellen misses a lot of guesses, so we need to deduct a few points.

Overall Grade: B-

Christina Aguilera

Xtina played a special game of “Heads Up!” geared towards her singing talents, which is kinda like letting Joey Chestnut play a game of chess — where you have to eat the game pieces.

Sure enough, Aguilera is awesome as Beyonce, Whitney, Madonna and every other one-named diva who has ever held a note. However, when she sings “I Kissed a Girl” and mimics playing a guitar, we think even Perry herself would be confused.

Overall Grade: B

Adam Levine

He might be the Sexiest Man Alive, but one thing Levine is not is the best “Heads Up!” player. There are a lot of “uhs,” and a lot of clues that lead the guesser in the wrong direction. But at least he nailed it when the answer said a name he knew well: “That’s me!”

Overall Grade: C

Robin Williams

In honor of one of the all-time late great entertainers, we had to include the time Williams played in 2013. Creative, hilarious and ceaselessly energetic, he seems like the type of guy this game was built for. With apologies to the Sparrow, this contest is won by a Robin.

Overall Grade: A

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