“Wrecked” finished up Season 1 on Tuesday (Aug. 2). To celebrate, Jessica Lowe (Florence) shared some beautiful behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast and crew in sunny (read: hot) Puerto Rico with the Zap2it Instagram. She also had a ton of fun live tweeting the finale (@MegaLoweManiac) — fans of the show should definitely check that out.

If you missed any of her pictures of herself or her co-stars (or her co-dogs), you can check them all out below. Be sure to follow Zap2it on Instagram for more Takeover fun!


"Look what the sex swing lowered in." -Todd #getwrecked #zap2ittakeover

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The two loves of my life: Brooke Dillman and Meat. #getwrecked ❤️ #zap2ittakeover

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