Usually on “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver goes the humorous route to deliver satire regarding the previous week’s news items. However, on Sunday’s (July 31) episode of the HBO series, Oliver couldn’t help but lose his cool.

Throughout the 18-minute segment, Oliver picks apart the Democratic National Convention and the highs and lows that came with it. Sure, he mentions the whole fiasco with Debbie Wasserman Schultz … but compared to way things transpired at the previous week’s Republican Convention, even aliens would allegedly pick the Democrats as the patriotic ones.

But that’s not the real nugget that stands out from this video. It’s not until he gets to the speech given by the late Capt. Humayun Khan’s parents that Oliver gets really angry — about Donald Trump’s reaction that should raise everyone’s collective eyebrow.

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Smearing the family of a deceased war hero, Trump went on national television to imply the soldier’s mother — Ghazala Khan — was not allowed to talk due to her religion. It’s a comment made to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and it’s one that sparks John Oliver to call Trump a “fucking asshole.” And that was only the beginning.

Once Trump lists his sacrifices in life — comparing his business building history to that of the death of Capt. Khan —  Oliver’s head nearly explodes.  “No. No, they absolutely are not” Oliver yells.

“They are half-truths from a self-serving half-man who has somehow convinced half the country that sacrifice is the same thing as success,” Oliver continues.

Equally outraged, frustrated and baffled, Oliver closed the segment with this statement:

“Honestly, the main take-away from these two weeks is that, incredibly, we may be on the brink of electing such a damaged, sociopathic narcissist, that the simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers mat actually be beyond his capabilities. And I genuinely did not think that was the part of the job that someone could be bad at.”