Leslie Jones at the Rio Olympics  SOURCE: Getty

There are some things that go so perfectly together that it makes both elements even better: Think peanut butter and chocolate, cell phones and cameras, or Pokemon and GPS. Now, “Saturday Night Live” standout Leslie Jones is mixing her hilarious, in-your-face style with the typically mild-mannered, fawning Olympics coverage of NBC — and it’s enough to make fans wonder what took so long.

After spending the week generating re-tweets by the truckload with her Olympic comments on social media, NBC’s Rio mastermind Jim Bell invited her to join the NBC News team. Thursday (Aug. 11) was her first day on the job, and Jones did not disappoint.

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Below, Jones’ best moments from Rio — including a guest appearance by a certain A-lister she found alright, alright, alright.

Slay all day

Using her very own Snapchat filter (!), the “Ghostbusters” star began her journey by showing off her ID badge. “It’s official, y’all,” she told her followers. “I’m in Rio!”


Jones isn’t one to hold back her enthusiasm — especially when she’s cheering on her home country and watching the world’s best athletes. In essence, all you need is footage of an Olympian doing their thing, then pair it with Jones’ screams of approval to make it a little bit more fun.

It’s happening

Those are the only two words that Matthew McConaughey could get in when Jones found him at the Olympics — but in typical fashion, the star didn’t seem to mind one bit. Actually, the funniest part about this clip might be seeing two stars whose personalities are in such stark contrast. An in-your-face comedian and a laid-back Oscar winner — who says the Olympics aren’t for everybody? Also, you just have to love the fact that McConaughey collects the pins.

Getting athletic

When it comes time to meet legendary gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi, you’d better come with your “A” game. Which is why Jones did a cartwheel in front of him. “That was horrible,” she writes on the tweet.

Hangin’ with the girls

Of course, when there are Olympians nearby, Leslie has to go over and say hello — and when Leslie turns on her camera, they come running to her. It’s a match made in heaven for an Olympic fan, and one that allows us to see a different side of the athletes, even as they’re competing on the world’s grandest stage.

Some sincerity

When you really think about it, the Olympics and “Saturday Night Live” are all about the same things: Spectacle, showmanship, training, rehearsal.

Which makes it particularly enjoying to watch the two worlds be tied together by a raw, sincere moment like the one below. Leslie Jones is a fan, just like us — even if she expresses it in a far funnier way.

Jones is expected to be in Rio through Monday, so keep an eye on her social media accounts. Who knows? You might just enjoy the Olympics on a whole new level.