Throw out the question “What’s the best Netflix show?” at your next cocktail party, and there’s a good chance five different people will give you five different answers. But the one you might want to share your next drink with is whoever says “Narcos,” because that person is one smart, intense and possibly twisted individual.

Now, “Narcos” Season 2 is getting ready for release on Sept. 2 — with or without fact-checking from Pablo Escobar’s brother — and seems likely to be every bit as thrilling as the first season that dramatized the pursuit of the billionaire kingpin, played brilliantly by Wagner Moura.

Below, five questions that have been gnawing at fans ever since Season 1 dropped last August. To not have them answered by the end of Season 2 would be a torture nearly as bad as the methods Pablo and his associates were known to employ.

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Will there be any dialogue?

In the Season 2 trailer, DEA agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) explains the measures being employed to take down Escobar. “4000 soldiers, tens of thousands of rounds fired, and a bunch of fucking helicopters,” he explains. “There was no way Pablo Escobar was getting out of this one.”

Judging by that explanation, and the footage we’re seeing, it seems like Season 2 of “Narcos” will play out like the mansion scene from “Scarface,” stretched out over ten hours. Hopefully, there’ll be time for human beings to actually converse and advance the plot somewhere in the middle of all that carnage. But more than likely, we can expect ten episodes of this (which wouldn’t be so bad) …

Is there more money in the ground?

As we saw in Season 1, Pablo made so much cash that he didn’t know where to put it — so, he had his men bury it. When a local worker dug up 3 million of those dollars … well, Pablo wasn’t very happy about it.

It seems safe to assume that there’s plenty more cash out there, and now that Escobar is on the run he’s going to need to access it. Good luck to whichever of his henchmen he assigns to go get that money without being arrested — and our thoughts and prayers are with any migrant worker trying to dig an irrigation ditch who accidentally uncovers Pablo’s benjamins.

Who will get Pablo first?

You don’t become as powerful as Pablo is without making a few enemies. So, it’s no surprise in the trailer when we learn that a criminal alliance has formed, with all sorts of aspiring Tony Montanas out to take down the king.

With Escobar on the run in Season 2 and the DEA competing with the very men they’re asked with stopping (including the tough-looking guys below), expect things to get real messy.

"Narcos" SOURCE: Netflix

Who’s going to die?

Pablo would seem to be a given, since he’s a real-life person (spoiler alert: He didn’t renounce his old life and become a Buddhist monk). But a key scene in the Season 2 trailer implies very bad things for DEA agent Javier Pena, who has been on the case since day one, but lacks Murphy’s job security of being the show’s after-the-fact narrator.

Typically, when Pablo Escobar and his men have their guns pointed at you, you shouldn’t be making any long-term plans. But one of the best things about “Narcos” is how it always seems to have a curveball in its pocket, so perhaps there is hope.

narcos netflix 3 5 questions we need answered by Narcos Season 2

What’s up with that sweater?

Between the mom jeans and the early-’80s Cosby sweaters, some of the outfits we see on the world’s most notorious druglord seem like they’d be more appropriate on Alan Thicke. It’s an amusing running gag, on a show completely devoid of running gags.

Particularly intriguing is this ensemble, which any fashionable man would wear for several days hiding with your henchmen in the jungle. A collared shirt says “business,” while the rope design says “Hey, I might go sailing later” — a theme reinforced, actually, by the sweater in the above image.

Let’s just hope that if and when the scene comes where Pablo is indeed gunned down, bullet holes don’t penetrate that sweet sweater.

"Narcos" SOURCE: Netflix

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