It's no secret that Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) has had a rough year on "Once Upon a Time."

We didn't stop to realize just how rough it was, however, until O'Donoghue brought up at San Diego Comic-Con how many times he's died on the show.

Death #1 occurred back in Season 4, in the alternate reality where the heroes were the villains. His good buddy, Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) -- or the evil version of him, that is -- stabbed him in the back during a duel.

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Next up was his Camelot death in Season 5, which turned him into a Dark One. And then came his third death, which sent everyone to the Underworld. That's not even counting what could be considered death #4, when Emma (Jennifer Morrison) had to leave him in the Underworld instead of bringing him back to Storybrooke with her.

It stands to reason that we should probably keep a close eye on Hook during "Once Upon a Time's" sixth season.

However, we're reassured that, at least for now, Hook might catch a reprieve Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis previously teased that Emma and Hook will be dealing with less complicated and dangerous obstacles this year. You know, like how to be a couple and which shows to binge on Netflix.

"Once Upon a Time" premieres Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.