Is "Once Upon a Hot Stuff" the future of the Storybrooke brand? Probably not, but a spinoff based on Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) sure sounds like a hit.

While catching up with the cast of "Once Upon a Time" at San Diego Comic-Con, Zap2it brainstormed with de Ravin and Mader to come up with names for their theoretical spinoff. Personally, we like "Belleknobs and Broomsticks," but we're open to suggestions.

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It did get us thinking, however, about potential spinoffs that could launch from ABC's favorite fairytale drama. After the short run of "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," it's unlikely that there's anything left to be spun, but we've still got a few ideas just in case.

Once upon a knave


Yes, we know that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" got kicked to the curb after just one season, but we'd argue that the real magical ingredient in that show was Will Scarlet (Michael Socha). He even made his way to Storybrooke for a time before disappearing again, so we'd absolutely watch another spinoff with him as the main character.

Once upon a ruby slipper


Season 5 of "Once Upon a Time" featured the show's first same-sex couple, when Ruby (Meghan Ory) and Dorothy (Teri Reeves) shared true love's kiss. Our only complaint about that relationship was that it was way too short-lived! We'd even tolerate flying monkeys if it brought back those darling girls and their timeless romance.

Once upon a Merlin

merlin rip Emilie de Ravin & Rebecca Mader have OUAT spinoff ideas

Does this one even need an explanation? Merlin (Elliot Knight) was kind, generous, witty and not exactly hard on the eyes. He's also the guy who kind of created the Dark One, which we thought was pretty awesome. Whether it's a prequel series, a sequel that resurrects him, or just Elliot Knight smiling at the camera for an hour every week, we'll take it!

"Once Upon a Time" returns Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.