Patrick Fugit on 'Outcast'

The first season of Cinemax’s “Outcast” has come to an end with a finale that leaves serious questions to be answered when it returns next year. The beauty of the first season of this show is the stretching it did beyond the boundaries of what’s happened in the comics its based on — by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta.

One particular shining star in this season was the expanded role Kyle’s (Patrick Fugit) young daughter Amber (Madeleine McGraw) played. While she was initially only seen in short bursts — much like her character on the page — as the show came to its Season 1 conclusion, she became integral to the story and it was revealed that she herself is a bit of an outcast, with the ability to exorcise a demon with the touch of her hand.

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That makes her, this little girl, a powerful ally in Kyle and Reverend Anderson’s (Philip Glenister) fight against the devil. That’s right, though the Reverend thought he killed the devilish Sidney (Brent Spiner), he is safe and sound, having survived a literal trial-by-fire.

Now, it’s essentially a reverend, a broken man and a little girl against the demonic forces that look to destroy the world. While Kyle and Amber may have thought they’d be able to escape the area for somewhere new and quiet to live out their lives, it’s clear from the final shot of the episode that this evil will follow them wherever they go. There is no escaping the devil.

So this means war.