“Pretty Little Liars” took out another player Tuesday (Aug. 2) when someone confronted Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) in her room at The Radley and ultimately bashed her head in and left her in the tub. In the aftermath of her on-screen death, Davis shares a few tidbits with Zap2it about what Sara was really up to and who she thinks the murderer is.

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Here are six things to know about Sara Harvey’s “PLL” swan song.

There’s more to Sara than meets the eye

“She was working with Jenna for villainous reasons, but also to help find out about Charlotte … I find that Sara has a lot of very mysterious happenings going on and it’s not really — I don’t know if they’ll ever be revealed. They may be, but there’s no way of knowing at this point,” says Davis.

So whose side was Sara ultimately on?

“I think the Liars, I think Emily. I think Sara had some conflictions, but I do believe that there was a genuine love between Emily and Sara and friendship between Sara and Charlotte, so although her actions may not always seem that way, I feel like there’s a loyalty there. She’s got a secret loyalty to Emily. I think it was genuine, I feel like the feelings were there.”

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What about Noel Kahn, why bring him into the fold?

“Just more power against the Liars. I think Jenna seems like the type of person who wants to be the leader of a team, so it’s just more power behind that.”

Speaking of Jenna and Noel …

When given Zap2it’s three likeliest suspects in Sara’s murder, here are Davis’ reactions:

  • Jenna: “I feel like she’s an obvious choice. I don’t know … I feel like everybody’s assuming it’s Jenna, but wouldn’t that be an obvious choice?”
  • Noel: “Also feels obvious to me, but … could be? He’s capable of a lot.”
  • Someone else, like Wren: “Oh yeah, I think that would be more likely. Maybe it’s one of the Liars, you never know.

Davis doesn’t know who the killer is

“I don’t, I can’t give you any spoilers. It’s a mystery to me,” she says, adding that Sara’s loyalty to Charlotte may not even be the reason she was killed. “That also depends on the killer, what the motive is. So there’s really no way to know that until we know who the killer is.”

Will Sara return in some form, like flashbacks?

“That’s something that you’ll have to tune in for, but it is interesting — it’s exciting how people come back [on ‘Pretty Little Liars’].”