pretty little liars mary drake child Pretty Little Liars reveals Marys other child: 3 theories on who it is

“Pretty Little Liars” dropped a bombshell Tuesday (Aug. 9) that Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) actually had a second child after she gave birth to Charlotte — and the show seems to be implying that that child is A.D., the person determined to find out who killed Charlotte and terrorize the Liars in the meantime.

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It’s entirely possible the show will invent a new character to be this mysterious lost child, but … this is “PLL” and it seems infinitely more probable that the child will turn out to be someone we know already. Here are Zap2it’s best theories.

3. Spencer Hastings

This one is a bit of a stretch, but Mary did say in the Season 7 premiere that she “used to have a lot in common” with the Hastings family. She also said to Spencer, “I know enough about your family to know they are excellent secret-keepers.”

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Maybe Mary had Spencer and Jessica gave her to the Hastings family to raise? It feels far-fetched, not only because Veronica would probably not have raised her husband’s mistress’ sister’s baby, but also because we have a hard time swallowing Spencer as A.D. But it’s something to think about — because there was a very weird tension in that Season 7 premiere scene between Mary and Spencer.

2. Wren Kingston

Wren (Julian Morris) has got to come popping back up somewhere, so what if his connection to all of this is he’s Charlotte’s brother and was working with Rollins (Huw Collins) to bring down everyone they blame for Charlotte’s death? He kind of looks like Andrea Parker, too.

The only problem is he’s not the right age — he’s too old. Unless he’s much younger than he pretends to be and has been scamming everybody about being a doctor. That would … not be that surprising, actually.

1. Andrew Campbell

You know who is the right age and is also adopted? Andrew Campbell (Brandon W. Jones). And he has the added bonus of totally looking like all the DiLaurentis/Drake children. Plus his first name starts with A, so A.D. could be “Andrew Drake.” Or maybe he fancies himself “Andrew DiLaurentis” for whatever reason — maybe Peter is his bio dad, who knows with this show?

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But in Season 6, there was the van used to kidnap the Liars and a bunch of notes and surveillance equipment found at the farm owned by Andrew’s uncle. Sure, he had alibis for when Sara (Dre Davis) and Mona (Janel Parrish) were abducted, but that doesn’t mean he’s not A.D. now.