Troian Bellisario and Andrea Parker

“Pretty Little Liars” gave a couple major clues Tuesday (Aug. 16) that the grown person who is Mary Drake’s (Andrea Parker) child is none other than Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario). We already thought she was a viable candidate, especially given the weird tension between Mary and Spencer in the Season 7 premiere, but now we’re even more convinced. The evidence:

Spencer’s photo album montage

At the end of the episode, Spencer was flipping through a “Family Memories” photo album that showed pictures of her as a little girl and a baby, right after we learned, courtesy of Dr. Cochran (Keith Szarabajka) and his whiskey-fueled growls, that Mary did give birth to another child while in Radley and it was whisked away by county services. As Spencer looked at the photos, she appeared to have some sort of epiphany about things, though what exactly she figured out remains to be seen.

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Fans immediately jumped on this as proof positive that she’s Mary’s daughter and it does seem highly likely at this point. But it’s not the only clue.

‘Winter’s Tale’

“Pretty Little Liars” loves its art and literature references, so it’s not a coincidence that the play Alison (Sasha Pieterse) was teaching to her high school class was Shakespeare’s “Winter’s Tale.” In this tragicomedy, a king flies into a rage thinking his wife had an affair and became pregnant with another man’s child and orders the baby girl be abandoned in some remote area. Luckily a shepherd finds said baby girl and raises her.

In this scenario, the shepherd is obviously Peter Hastings (Nolan North) and Spencer is the baby. We wondered last week why Veronica Hastings (Lesley Fera) would agree to raise her husband’s mistress’ sister’s kid, but maybe she never had any idea of the baby’s parentage and instead, Peter convinced her to adopt Spencer for whatever reason.

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The interesting question is who is the king? Is it Peter? Was he having an affair with both Mary and Jessica? That seems unlikely because then he’s both the king and the shepherd.

It must be someone else. Interestingly, Marlene King told us at the start of the season that Charlotte’s biological father would not come into play this season — but Charlotte’s bio dad is not necessarily Spencer’s bio dad. Who does that leave? Because “Pretty Little Liars” loves to hide people in plain sight, so it seems much more likely that it’s someone we’ve met before rather than some random new guy. But maybe his identity isn’t important.

Side note — who do you think that little blonde girl was in the photo? Alison?

The painting in the doctor’s apartment

We dissected the painting in Dr. Cochran’s apartment based on the photos released for this episode, but maybe we were off base thinking the two children in the painting represent Alison and Charlotte. Maybe they represent Charlotte and Spencer — and the unseen photographer in the foreground is A.D., someone connected to them both who has been “photographing” them from afar and is out for revenge for Charlotte’s murder.

We’ve never bought that one of the Liars is A.D., so even if Spencer is Mary’s child, we don’t like her for A.D. For that, we’re still liking our Andrew Campbell theory, though our heads are starting to hurt with so many affairs and secret babies running around.

And it still doesn’t answer the question of who killed Charlotte. But … it’s looking like Spencer may turn out to be Mary’s kid after all.