“Psych” went off the air two and a half years ago and fans immediately started clamoring for a follow-up movie. There haven’t been any official talks yet, but the cast would do it in a heartbeat.

Maggie Lawson previously told Zap2it that she’s totally down for a reunion and that she thinks Shawn (James Roday) and Juliet are “probably” married by now in the show’s universe.

Dule Hill, meanwhile, is also game — but he’s less sure about Gus’ romantic life. When asked by Zap2it if Gus is living with Jules and Shawn in San Francisco, Hill laughs and says, “I think Gus has his own place. Now whether he has his own lady or not yet, that I don’t know. But I think it would be vice versa — if by chance Shawn and Jules weren’t together, Shawn would be living with Gus. Gus is like, ‘I’m not livin’ with you two.'”

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But whatever creator Steve Franks comes up with for a possible reunion movie, Hill is in.

“Any time. Any time. I love the ‘Psych’ family, I love the Psychos, and I think we need to give them something more. We have to do something for the Psychos, so we have to come back together. C’mon, son!” says Hill. “Hopefully when we do get a chance to come together and do something, I’m sure Steve and his brilliant mind will have some delicious flavor to give to the Psychos.”

Timothy Omundson feels the same way, regaling Zap2it with a tale of a reunion dinner the cast had last December. “It was James and Maggie and Kirsten [Nelson] and Curt [Smith]. Dule was out of town, but he Facetimed in. It was the first time all of us had been in the same room together since the last night where we did the Q&A. We’ve all kept in touch … it’s still this great group, you just pick up right where you left off.”

He adds that he doesn’t foresee anyone on the cast saying no to a reunion movie.

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“I know we would all do it. I can’t imagine one person on this cast who would be like, ‘No, I think I’m done with that show.’ It would be the most amazing reunion,” says Omundson, but he says that maybe the time isn’t exactly right yet.

“I think we need a little more time, because what’s it been, two years? I could see maybe five years. I think some time would really have to pass, but again, if they called and asked me if I wanted to do it [right now], I’d be in.”