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The mysterious CIA-centric Season 2 of “Quantico” is getting closer and closer, and Zap2it has got all your top-secret spoilers in one place.

Details about Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) life in Season 2 are scarce — what else would you expect from a spy in training? — but we do know that she’ll be dealing with an all new set of threats as a CIA recruit and some new faces along the way too.

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Alex joins the CIA

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When we pick back up with “Quantico” Season 2, Alex will be at The Farm — the CIA’s private training facility — where she will undoubtedly be pulled into another national crisis involving the secret world of espionage.

Ryan and Alex are not over

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If the new Season 2 poster — revealed by Chopra herself — is any indication, the romance between Alex and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) is far from dead. We can only hope that this season, they’ll be on the same side of the law more often!

New characters


We’ve got four new characters heading to “Quantico” in Season 2. Harry (Russell Tovey) the artful-dodger type, Dayana (Pearl Thusi) the attorney, Owen (Blair Underwood) the CIA officer and Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) the actuary will all enter Alex’s world.

Alex in the middle


With Alex now at the CIA and the rest of her friends still at the FBI, we think it’s safe to assume that relationships will be tested. The two agencies are not known for getting along in the world of “Quantico,” and poor Alex will be stuck in the middle.

Prepare for the press


Another new character that will surely cause headaches for our secretive government employees is León Velez (Aarón Díaz), a photojournalist who is ready to get his hands dirty. As if terrorists and bombs weren’t already taxing enough, now Alex will have to dodge the press too.

Don’t expect to hit the ground running

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As opposed to the explosive pilot episode, Season 2 will apparently be taking its time. “Season 2 is structured a little bit slower. I’m not going to say what it is, but the nature of the event is slower and unfolding as opposed to explosive,” showrunner Joshua Safran told TV Line.

“Quantico” returns Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.