There was a lot to unpack in “Scream’s” Season 2 finale Tuesday (Aug. 16), when Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) was revealed to be Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice from Season 1, continuing her murderous rampage in Lakewood after her death.

But perhaps the biggest moment of the episode was when the killer voice called Kieran in prison to ask him why he thought he could wear “my mask,” implying that it was Brandon James on the phone.


Serafini told Zap2it that it would be really creepy if it is Brandon James and the showrunners told us that there is definitely a lot more to the James story than they’ve told viewers so far.

When we asked if the person on the phone was Kieran’s accomplice, they said no, but executive producer Michael Gans added of the caller, “There’s a way they could be connected beyond he or she being [Kieran’s] accomplice, if that makes any sense.”

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To which we replied, “Was that person involved in any Season 2 deaths or was that strictly Kieran?”

Gans says, “There’s a very good possibility that he was involved in one particular death, yes. By the way, no one has asked that question yet. You were the first person to ask us that.”

So, let’s dig in, “Scream” fans. Here are the Season 2 deaths with the best possibility of having been committed by the mysterious caller.

3. Eddie Hayes


Based on some of the EPs’ other comments, we think there’s a strong chance the person on the phone was Emma’s dad, Kevin (Tom Everett Scott), and this all leads back to Kevin’s involvement in the 1994 massacre. Maybe Eddie (Chase McCleery Bouchie) had to die because he was drawing attention to Kevin’s hotel room where all those clippings and photos of Emma were stashed.

Eddie’s death motive is presumed at the time to be that he saw Piper’s accomplice — but he saw Audrey, not Kieran. He specifically said “girl accomplice.” So Kieran may not have had any reason to kill him.

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The sticky wicket in this scenario is the killer then filming Emma (Willa FItzgerald) in the room with Eddie dead in the bathtub. The explanation could be that Kevin killed Eddie, then went to the bar out back for a drink and Kieran came upon Eddie’s body and rolled with it. He is a psychopath, after all.

But that feels needlessly complicated, so it’s why Eddie is third on the list.

2. Deputy Stevens

What if instead of Kieran breaking Audrey and Emma out of the cop car, it was actually the mysterious caller, a.k.a. Emma’s dad or maybe even Brandon James? Maybe he didn’t want them hauled off to jail because either A) he likes them, they’re his weird obsession, or B) he wants them free to continue torturing them.

Maybe this mysterious person didn’t like that Kieran framed them for murdering the mayor and decided to set them free. Just because Kieran takes advantage of their freedom to set up his big finale doesn’t necessarily mean he was behind it. Again, this theory isn’t the strongest one, but it’s still a possibility. However …

1. Quinn Maddox

This is the one we like. What motive does Kieran have to murder Brooke’s dad, Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt)? Check this scenario out:

Emma and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) are already out at the pig farm, unbeknownst to the caller, who has lured the mayor there because of Quinn’s involvement in the 1994 murders. The caller uses the Eli blackmail as a cover and then murders the mayor, who will be seen as just another victim of this round of deaths.

Emma and Audrey ending up framed for the murder is just a “wrong place, wrong time” coincidence and that’s why Kieran has to break them out of the cop car — because them getting arrested has mucked up his plans.

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Mayor Maddox is the one death that feels a bit out of place in Season 2. From a writing standpoint, it feels like it’s part of the “make Eli look super guilty” thing that the show leaned heavily into in the last few episodes of the season.

But if either Brandon James or Kevin Duval is on some rampage based on the 1994 massacre, Quinn would be a good target. He’s the one who brought Sheriff Miguel Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) to Lakewood, and Miguel is obviously tangled up in the whole thing with Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) and Brandon James. Remember when he and Maggie visited the pig farm in episode 7? This exchange took place:

Maggie: “Did you call Quinn?”
Miguel: “I’d rather leave him out of this for the time being.”
Maggie: “Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’re wrong.”
Miguel: “Look at where we’re standing, Maggie. Piper’s dead. Someone else is obsessed with your daughter. I mean, who else could it be?”
Maggie: “That’s not what’s happening here! We handled that situation.”
Miguel: “We thought we did, but one way or another, this is about Emma, and we both know it could be our own fault.”

So what does Quinn know? To what extent was he involved in 1994? Who is the person “obsessed” with Emma — Quinn? Kevin? Brandon James? Someone else?

Maybe Kevin committed the 1994 murders and Quinn helped pin them on Brandon James, so now James is out for revenge. It’s not like Quinn is a good guy. Remember this Season 1 moment? Who’s to say he was even telling the truth about Brooke’s mom’s drug dealer?

brookedad 1438113395 Scream finale caller was involved in one Season 2 death, but which one?

It seems like a fairly solid theory that either Brandon or Kevin was on the phone, Quinn’s death was the Season 2 death one of them committed and a Season 3 (if they get one, fingers crossed) will take us even deeper into the “perverted” Brandon James saga.

Finally, be sure to tune in to the “Scream” Halloween special in October. There was a sneak peek of it on “Scream After Dark” Tuesday — where the officers do not say Kieran used a pitchfork when they’re listing his murder weapons. Coincidence? Or is it because that one wasn’t Kieran?