Zap2it feels fairly confident that after the penultimate Season 2 episode of “Scream,” there are really only two possible suspects for the head killer. Read on to find out who we’ve narrowed it down to, but be warned of spoilers from Tuesday’s (Aug. 9) episode, “Heavenly Creatures.”

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OK, so it was established two weeks ago that Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon) was working in league with the killer, though it’s up in the air whether she knew what was going on or not — pranks vs. actual murders. Zap2it has said for a while that Eli (Sean Grandillo) is definitely her accomplice and we haven’t ruled him out yet, but someone else popped into our heads this week. Read on for a breakdown of the likeliest killers.

3. Eli, 15-1

killer scream season 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: Were we too quick to eliminate Emmas dad?

The show is going out of its way to make Eli look guilty, which is why it feels like it’s not him anymore. All along he has looked semi-guilty, which is why he was on our radar from very early on, but now that the show is leaning so heavily into Eli … can it still be him?

It feels more like there will be some kind of reasonable explanation for him being at Will’s (Connor Weil) funeral, and Mayor Maddox’s (Bryan Batt) death was the killer cloning Eli’s cell phone to make it seem as though it was him there in the barn skewering the mayor with a pitch fork.

Maybe we will turn out to have been right all along about Eli and Haley, but … if that’s the case, it seems like “Scream” showed its big cards a smidge early.

2. Ms. Lang, 10-1

She’s been in the hospital for a couple episodes now, so the only way Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith) could be the killer is if there are two killers plus Haley. The “next week on ‘Scream'” montage at the end of Tuesday’s episode wonders if Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice found another accomplice. We’ve been operating under the assumption that that is, in fact, the case — but that Haley is the accomplice. What if she’s not? What if Haley was an unwitting pawn for two killers instead of one?

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In that case, Ms. Lang could absolutely be working in tandem with someone else … and we like Emma’s dad for said someone else.

1. Emma’s dad, 5-1

tom everett scott scream season 2 Scream Season 2 killer odds: Were we too quick to eliminate Emmas dad?

The appearance of Kevin (Tom Everett Scott) at first seemed far too obvious. He showed up by half-stalking Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) in his car and being the person whose hotel room Eddie was killed in. But what if that was a double-cross — it’s so obvious that it can’t be him, so it turns out it IS him.

He’s starting to feel more and more likely. The killer is obviously obsessed with Emma, Brandon James and all the stuff from 20 years ago, so what if it was Kevin, and not Brandon, who committed the 1994 murders? And then he came back with his wife’s Brandon James love child to do it again? It makes sense that this deranged psychopath would keep on killing, enlisting a friend of Piper’s (Ms. Lang) to help him.

It explains the pig farm, the photos … could it be him? The only sticky wicket is Eddie’s murder and the video of Emma in the hotel room, but that could have been Ms. Lang (or even Haley, if she knows more than we give her credit for).

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