amadeus serafini scream season 2 finale The Scream Season 2 killer speaks: Its so fun to play a psycho

“Scream” Season 2 came to a close Tuesday (Aug. 16) with an ending that probably caught many viewers by surprise. Read on to find out when the showrunners decided the killer’s identity, when the actor knew and what was up with that cliffhanger phone call.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the finale, “When a Stranger Calls.”

The killer was planned all season

Season 2 showrunners Michael Gans and Richard Register tell Zap2it that Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) was their choice for the killer from the very beginning when they took over the show.

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“In the pitch, when we came in to take over the show this year, we pitched Kieran as the killer,” says Gans. “We had planned why he was the killer and how he was the killer from the get-go. Everybody on board really liked our choice … it remained exactly what we pitched at the beginning.”

He adds, “You have to carry on the Piper legacy in some way, so it had to be truthful and [Kieran] fit. We saw that story in the first season, we saw that story between the lines.”

But Serafini didn’t know

“I found out right before the table read of [the finale],” Serafini tells Zap2it. “The first season I thought that it might be me, but then it turned out I was just a red herring. So come second season, I wasn’t going to hold on to any expectations, so I just waited.”

He also says it was kind of nice to be in the dark so that he didn’t accidentally give anything away.

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“I’m glad that I didn’t know, because you don’t want to give any hint as to what the character is going to actually, truly be, and I think I did a good job of that. I’m pleased because I don’t know if I would have given any more away had I known,” he says with a laugh.

The reveal scene was a lot of fun to shoot

“It was really exciting,” says Serafini. “Of course, it cut my work out for me for that week with my co-stars to really hammer out this nice reveal … [but] that’s a coveted place to be as a performer. You could wait a long time before you get to a role like that, so I just felt really blessed to be a nice character and then have that turn and be able to play a psycho, because it’s so fun.”

Zap2it was right about Haley’s involvement

We posited a few episodes back that Haley wasn’t actually in on the killing, merely that she was enjoying harassing the Lakewood Six, which the showrunners say is correct.

With Haley, there was “this envy of this crew of people that the killer could prey upon and use,” says Gans. “He made her feel special, he made her feel a part of it. He shared the same vitriolic relationship with her that he shared with Piper, but she did not know what was happening.”

Look for part 2 of our interview after the West Coast broadcast of the finale.