Is it time to stop making odds on “Scream” Season 2? The show seems to have indicated fairly heavily who is behind the murders and now it may just be a matter of discovering the motive. Read on for Zap2it’s take on “The Vanishing,” but be warned of spoilers.

First of all, RIP Zoe (Kiana Brown). We knew you were dead as soon as you started appearing to Noah (John Karna) in the coffin, but it was still a major bummer — mostly because Karna did an excellent job conveying Noah’s utter despair at Zoe’s murder.

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Secondly, with only two episodes left, it seems like the show is starting to reveal that Eli (Sean Grandillo) is the killer — but can it really be that simple? Or are we in for a final-frame twist? Hmm.

Let’s examine the usual suspects.

4. Kieran, 25-1

Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) was also missing this week, so it’s easy to point to him as the killer … but considering what Eli was seen doing in the last couple minutes of the episode, it seems likely that Kieran is in the clear. The two of them are definitely not working together.

3. Stavo, 20-1

It can’t be a coincidence that nearly every suspect was either entirely or mostly absent from “The Vanishing,” Stavo included So anyone could have been running around in the killer’s costume.

But Stavo (Santiago Segura) is really starting to feel more like simply a troubled young man. There’s always a chance that because of his dad’s (Anthony Ruivivar) connection to Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) and Lakewood, Stavo is in on this, but that doesn’t feel right.

2. Ms. Lang, 10-1

ms lang scream season 2 austin highsmith Scream Season 2 killer odds: What is Eli doing in Emmas backyard?

Much like Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), it feels like Ms. Lang is more involved than meets the eye. We now know she was childhood friends with Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) and while she may not be the killer (she probably isn’t), she may have something to do with however Eli and/or Haley are connected to Piper.

1. Eli and Haley, 2-1

18c9nf Scream Season 2 killer odds: What is Eli doing in Emmas backyard?

OK, so, the final minutes of Tuesdayy’s (Aug. 2) episode reinforced our weeks-old theory that Eli and Haley were working together. The fact that Eli was lurking around Brandon James’ hidden drop spot for Daisy makes us wonder if he’s actually somehow Brandon James’ son. It makes sense — James’ two children team up to avenge him and their target is the girl who had the life they always wanted (Emma).

Haley was obviously an unwitting accomplice of Eli’s — she enjoyed playing mean-spirited pranks on them, but it seems highly unlikely that she actually knew he was killing people.