Talk all you want about Winona Ryder, Matthew Modine and the fresh-faced youngsters who’ve made “Stranger Things” one of the most talked-about series of 2016. We know who the real star is: The font.

From the opening moments of every episode, the creepy Stephen-King-in-the-80s title sets the scene. You feel a bit nostalgic, a bit uneasy, a bit creeped out and thoroughly eager to see what comes next.

What if your favorite shows were able to similarly harness that power? Below, nine series have been given the “Stranger Things” treatment, thanks to a handy title card generator Journey with us as we imagine the shows in an alternate dimension – because even “The Upside Down” must have TVs somewhere.

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"The Goldbergs" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

The small ‘80s town of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania sometimes feels like a close relative of ‘80s town Hawkins, Indiana. Much like the Wheeler patriarch, Murray Goldberg is frequently oblivious to what’s going on, and Beverly can be every bit as nutty as Joyce Byers. The more we think about it, the more this crossover needs to happen.

"Criminal Minds" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

At first, it might seem like we’re forcing a square peg into a round hole. But when you really think about it, people go missing from this show all the time. Maybe Thomas Gibson could appear in Season 2 of “Stranger Things” and Barb could join “Criminal Minds”?

"The McLaughlin Group" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

Four friends wander into the woods together, getting into the occasional political argument between games of “Dungeons & Dragons.” Their wise mentor, John “Mr. Clarke” McLaughlin, teaches them about alternate dimensions and why they’re always “Wrong!” In honor of the recently-deceased TV host, it’s one re-imagining of his show that we’d certainly watch.


Wow, this sitcom just got a whole lot creepier. Then again, if they’re so broke, the girls are probably just out in the woods foraging for nuts and berries.

"OJ: Made in America" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

Forget about that Demogorgon — in real life, sometimes the monsters are even scarier.

"Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

Yes, believe it or not, this once was a real show. Too cold, too cold.

"Duck Tales" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

What if the swimming pool in “The Upside Down” wasn’t filled with deadly monsters and blood, but just thousands of gold coins? Uncle Scrooge always did have an adventurous side.

"Bananas in Pajamas" SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

Sorry, some titles are just too perfect to not run through the “Stranger Things” font. But seriously: Those Bananas were always kinda freaky.

The 2016 Presidential debate SOURCE: Stranger names name generator

Without a doubt, the most terrifying show set to debut this fall. Just in case the networks need opening titles for their coverage, these are ready to go.