Margot Robbie in 'Suicide Squad'

The reviews for “Suicide Squad” are middling at best and just plain mean at worst, but almost all of them have one thing in common: they are making us seriously reevaluate spending good money on what’s apparently a film flop.

It does leave us in a pickle, though, since our weekend plans had previously been dedicated to watching “Suicide Squad” and then freaking out about how good it was the entire weekend. Now we find ourselves with an open schedule and nothing to do.

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If you too are wondering what to do with your free time instead of venturing out to watch the latest blockbuster disaster, Zap2it has a few ideas on other — far more enjoyable — activities to take up this weekend.

Binge ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix


Whereas the popular opinion seems to be that “Suicide Squad” is hard to watch, most people have said the opposite of “Stranger Things,” calling it the best binge-watch of the summer. There might not be any superheroes in “Stranger Things” (unless you count the unsung hero that is Barb), but there’s definitely a lot of suspense and monster action.

Read ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’


If you haven’t already been spoiled by the Internet on the finer points of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” then you’re seriously some kind of Twitter wizard. Still, we’d recommend using your time this weekend to read the play before someone inevitably spills the beans about Harry’s grown-up adventures.

Watch the Olympics


Umm …. what else are you doing this weekend besides watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? We’ve also got the qualifiers for men’s and women’s gymnastics on Saturday and Sunday, so really, you shouldn’t even be leaving the house.

Scroll through Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter page

ryan reynolds gif4 sept2215 5 things you can do this weekend instead of seeing Suicide Squad

If you’re looking for quick-witted barbs and a baddie superhero, it would be cheaper (and funnier) to just take a stroll through Ryan Reynolds Twitter page. On top of some seriously funny jokes and digs, you’ll probably find some cool “Deadpool” stuff that will make you wonder why you even wanted to see “Suicide Squad” in the first place.

Watch ‘Batman v Superman’

giphy 1459542953 5 things you can do this weekend instead of seeing Suicide Squad

If you feel tempted to venture to the theater just to check out “Suicide Squad” out of morbid curiosity, we’d recommend sitting down and watching (or even re-watching) “Batman v Superman” to remind yourself that sometimes a movie is just more effort than it’s worth.