Halfway into Season 6, the most lovable fraud on TV is finally getting out of jail. “Suits” executive producer Aaron Korsh didn’t rush to find a loop hole to get Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) free, and while the logistics of this deal was somewhat confusing, everything made sense in the end.

It’s a bummer Mike couldn’t stay in jail the entire season. That male-centric “Orange is the New Black” storyline could’ve expanded into so much more. But now the series must answer the question on everyone’s minds: What will Mike do now?

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He can’t practice law anymore due to that pesky criminal record. However, with Mike’s photographic memory, quick wit and charming personality, it won’t be long before he’s knee deep in some new kind of venture. Since viewers know Mike doesn’t do well with free time, we hope — for the sake of both him and his fiancee Rachel (Meghan Markle) — that Mike finds a new vocation, and soon.

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With that being said, here are Zap2it‘s five career suggestions for Mike to consider.

1. Private investigator

Mike can’t go to court and represent clients anymore, but he can still be an resourceful asset at Pearson Specter Litt. He could be the “Suits” version of Kalinda from “The Good Wife.”

We expect that Mike will get understandably frustrated due to his inability to see cases through. Watching his colleagues get accolades for work that he’s done was already an issue for him in the past, and could drive Mike to lose it. But in a P.I. role, he can at least continue to work closely with Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Jessica (Gina Torres) and Louis (Rick Hoffman).

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) 'Suits' GIF

2. Charity work

It’s possible Mike may want a break from his law firm buddies for awhile. Maybe, he’ll go into another kind of vocation entirely. He’s always preached that his motives for working law was to help those who can’t help themselves, so why not join a non-profit? He could head up a charity and fight the good fight for a cause he’s passionate about.

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3. Politics

It would be mighty interesting to see Mike take that newfound freedom, drive and endless natural charm to break his way into the political scene. With the help of the best PR person in the world — and getting a full image makeover — Mike could make a good run for office.

Sure, he’s got a fraudulent past, but what politician doesn’t? He could run for mayor, or maybe gun straight for governor. With Rachel by his side, meaning he’ll have the Zane family dynasty publicly supporting his bid, Mike could actually win. And Pearson Specter Litt would love to have a high powered politician in their back pocket.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) 'Suits' GIF

4. Back to school

What if Mike went back to school? If he actually went to Harvard this time around, graduated fair and square … could he once again practice law? The flip side here: school would be so easy for Mike that this decision could lead him back into trouble. While the institution’s workload would give most people anxiety attacks, Mike would self-destruct out of boredom.

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In a weird twist of events, he could also become a Harvard professor. He can’t practice law but no one said he couldn’t teach it. This would open up the series to include the famed Boston college that is spoken of so often, it’s pretty much a character of its own on the show.

5. Nothing

Mike Ross 'Suits' hanging out with bad crowd

A bored Mike will wreak havoc for everyone. Burnt out from the most tumultuous year of his life, Mike may decide he needs a break. He could become a waste of space that’s high all the time, never leaves the house and plays video games nonstop.

While this may happen for a brief period of time, we doubt it will last long. It’s unlikely Rachel — or any of Mike’s former colleagues at Pearson Specter Litt — will stand idly by idly as he wastes his life away. Not after everything they went through to help him get his life back.

“Suits” airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.