Prepare to see a whole new side of Theo Raeken (Cody Christian) when he returns to Beacon Hills for "Teen Wolf" Season 6.

Last we saw of the nefarious Theo, he was being dragged to hell by his sister after failing to steal the Beast's power in his carefully planned little coup. One might think that means we've seen the last of him, but Cody Christian plans to be back for the final season of "Teen Wolf," and according to him, he might be in for a redemption arc.

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"It's still going to be Theo," Christian says. "It's still going to be the guy that we love to hate, however, there's going to be this level of humanity towards him [...] There's just a new side, this vulnerability that's there, and it's present. So, I'm very very excited to share that."

We've always theorized that Theo wasn't half as bad as he pretended to be, even though he did commit some terrible atrocities.

He turned Scott (Tyler Posey) against Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) -- an unforgivable offense in many "Teen Wolf" fans' books -- terrorized his parents, tried to kidnap Lydia (Holland Roden) and even killed his own pack members to steal their powers. That's a pretty long laundry list of misdeeds.

After all that he's done -- and the remorseless way in which he's done it -- it's possible that Theo doesn't even deserve redemption.

We're willing to bet a few members of Scott's pack will agree with us. 

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However, Scott is a pretty forgiving guy. We've got an inkling that as he makes his plans to leave high school and his pack behind, he'll want more than anything to settle old grudges and leave Beacon Hills a more harmonious place than before.

If Theo has truly decided to turn over a new leaf thanks to whatever trials he's gone through in hell, Scott might be convinced it's in his best interest to accept him into the fold. Attempting to rehabilitate him might end in tears, but Scott seems like the perfect candidate to help Theo foster his softer side.

"Teen Wolf" returns Nov. 15 on MTV.