Derrick Kosinski 'The Challenge' veteran

MTV’s “The Challenge” took a lot of flack during “Rivals III,” because of its over saturation of “Are You the One?’ cast members. Fans who love “The Challenge,” yet don’t watch the network’s dating show, weren’t too happy with so many unfamiliar faces joining the season.

What made it even worse is that they couldn’t hack the physical demands of the show at all. It was the weakest cycle of “The Challenge” in regards to competition level, which only made fans miss the veteran competitors even more.

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However, most of “The Challenge” vets have moved on with their careers and seemingly have no intentions of ever coming back to compete. While Johnny Bananas, Wes, Nany, Sarah Rice Patterson, Cara Maria and Leroy are still around, old favorites like Emily, Coral, Landon, Laurel, Darell, Abram and Susie seem to be officially retired.

CT loves to tease a comeback, but it will most likely never happen. Kenny and Evan are legally banned from the show after the Tonya incident. Then there is Mike who is now WWE’s The Miz. His return to MTV is a nonexistent pipe-dream.

However, there is one veteran who seems to be ready to jump back into the madness. And that is Mr. Derrick Kosinski. All it takes is one look at his social media accounts, and it’s clear he’s gunning for a comeback.

That mentality hasn't changed…

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Derrick seems to really miss his MTV glory days.

#Throwback #Airborne

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But does that mean his return is inventible? Or is this just a fun trip down memory lane? Hopefully, it’s the former. These old-school posts are a solid reminder of what a fierce and exciting competitor he was to watch.

Good Times…😆 @imsarahrice @laurelstucky1 @abramgboise @bradfiorenza @torifiorenza @tjlavin

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Johnny Bananas recently revealed on The Bill Simmons podcast that Derrick is currently going through a divorce and that his life seems to have hit a serious rough patch. Not to sound insensitive, but right now seems like the perfect time for him to escape back into “The Challenge.”

What better way to get away from it all than spending a few months filming a reality TV show on a remote island somewhere?  Put on your Under Armour clothes and tie up those “Challenge” shoes, Derrick! Zap2it‘s pretty sure we speak for all the fans when we say you’re return would be met with open arms.

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The combination of Derrick’s “Challenge” nostalgia and divorce proceedings could very well lead to his presence back at MTV next season. He is part of the elite 5-Timers Club and ranks 9th overall in “Challenge” competitors who have won the most prize money.

And based on how he appears in all his current photos on Instagram, he’s still it tip-top shape. No doubt he would be a force to be reckoned with.

Derrick’s return is exactly what the long-running series needs right now. What better than an old familiar face to up the level of competition? Downgrading it with “AYTO” cast members, unqualified to compete, will hopefully be a thing of the past.