Cory Stoll on "The Strain

When “The Strain” fans last saw Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stoll), things couldn’t be much worse for the hero of the show. His infected ex-wife kidnapped his son — Zach (Max Charles) — and the woman he loved died in a battle against vampires.

Now, with Season 3 premiering, get ready for things with Eph to get even darker.

“His story is retribution and recovery. He wants to get back at these creatures for the pain they’ve caused him in his life and he wants to get his kid back. Those are his goals,” executive producer Carlton Cuse tells Zap2it. “He’s in a very dark place and it’s an interesting exploration to see that he’s willing to make a lot of compromises to accomplish these two goals.”

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Not knowing what happened to Zach, thus leaving him truly alone, leads Eph straight to rock bottom — and back to relying on a bottle to get him through the day.

“He’s dreading what’s to come because either his son has been turned and comes after him or he never finds out what really happened to him,” executive producer Chuck Hogan says. “That’s got to be his lowest point, sitting there and waiting for his potentially turned son.”

“He’s drinking again, that’s his way of coping with this incredible situation he’s in,” Hogan continues.

And while dealing with his own personal turmoil, there’s another ball Eph needs to keep an eye on: the destruction of the human race.

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Though it’s been just over three weeks since the infection broke out on “The Strain,” it’s rapidly changing and killing the world. It’s a massive evolution the show is going to focus even more on in Season 3.

“You’re dealing with these parasitic creatures that can duplicate themselves every couple of days,” Cuse explains. “They’re just overrunning New York City.”

Next stop? The world.

“The Strain” returns Sunday, Aug. 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.