Patrick Warburton and Peter Serafinowicz as 'The Tick'

“The Tick” is coming back and he’s had a bit of a makeover. Amazon has released a batch of photos from their upcoming adaptation of the comic book and those who were fans of the original live action series from 2001, starring Patrick Warburton, are going to have to get used to the blue guy’s new superhero costume.

While it’s been over a decade since “The Tick” has taken TV by storm — and the definition of what a superhero movie or TV show is has definitely changed — is this new costume an upgrade? The beauty of Warburton’s Tick costume was the simplicity of it. It looked as if it was ripped right out of the comics or animated series and brought to life.

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Amazon’s take on the costume is a bit of a reimagining of that simplicity, though. Along the lines of the costumes you’d see Batman, Superman or even Spider-Man wearing in modern superhero movies, the new Tick comes with a very textured look. The chiseled abs look more like tactical armor than anything, though with a decidedly alien slant.

Luckily, those signature antennae are still there though.

Is this the Tick you want in the Amazon series, though? With a story so silly and fun, is a much more serious — dare we say grittier — Tick costume what you were looking for? Take a look at the rest of Amazon’s photos from “The Tick” below and sound off in the poll.