Things took a childish — or shall we say, poopy? — turn in Monday’s (Aug. 1) episode of “UnREAL.” With Rachel (Shiri Appleby) back on the set of “Everlasting,” it looks like she is dead-set on putting her nervous breakdown behind her. And it’s obvious she has not even begun to seek the therapy needed to get past that deplorable childhood trauma.

When word gets back to her that Coleman (Michael Rady) has been seen sneaking around with Yael (Monica Barbaro), it becomes Rachel’s mission to take Hot Rachel down. It’s one thing to embarrass a rival on National TV, but it’s another altogether to go as far as she went here. Putting a laxative in Yael’s food, it’s not long before things take a “craptastic” turn — Quinn’s (Constance Zimmer) words, not ours — and puts Rachel back in Quinn’s good graces.

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But … was this really a storyline worthy of the Pulitzer Prize-winning show? We have no issue with poop humor, but after witnessing the celebration taking place in video village — where Quinn is having the most laughs — one can’t help but wonder if these childish actions are connected to Rachel’s childhood trauma. What’s worse is, this isn’t the worst thing the “Everlasting” folks have ever done.

While Yael may be on the outs, the investigation she’s doing with Coleman has led to multiple pieces of incriminating evidence including a recording he acquired from tapping Rachel’s phone. It’s a muddied situation Rachel has found herself in here. But as we can see now, Coleman isn’t in this to help Rachel.

Heck, he may not even be in this to help Hot Rachel. He’s pretty much doing what any Hollywood d-bag will do — anything to get ahead. There is a level of sincerity there with Coleman, but it’s hard to really pinpoint where the honesty ends and the self-serving begins.

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Don’t get us wrong here. “Everlasting” does deserved to be burned to the ground with Quinn and Rachel answering for their crimes. But we don’t think that will happen anytime soon. And with the realization she’s too old to have kids — followed by the damaging fit she threw — it looks like the vindictive bond between the two women has grown exponentially.

Will Coleman and Yael succeed at taking “Everlasting” down? It’s highly unlikely.

The “UnREAL” Season 2 finale airs Monday, August 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.