In celebration of “Wrecked’s” Season 1 finale, star Jessica Lowe is taking over the Zap2it Instagram account all day on Tuesday (Aug. 2).

Speaking with Zap2it before the finale, Lowe promises some fun behind-the-scenes photos of what life has been like filming in Puerto Rico.

“I want to do behind-the-scenes stuff,” says Lowe of the Instagram Takeover. “Puerto Rico is such a wonderful place to spend time. We would ‘chard it up,’ … we would drink wine and have a dance party in different areas around San Juan. It was like summer camp, it was just so fun. It was like summer camp for adults with senses of humor and low self-esteem.”

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Lowe says that even though they were shooting in January and February, “it was still insanely hot.”

“I felt like a football player doing summer two-a-days,” she says, recalling the first day of shooting, which was the scene in the grassy field where Pack (Asif Ali) was trying to find a signal for the satellite phone.

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“It was all this tall grass that increases the humidity and the grass is sharp, so my legs were being cut open by the razor grass and then we were standing in unprotected sunshine, 90 degrees, 100 percent humidity. I thought my brain was swelling, none of us could remember what scene we were doing. It was insane.”

In addition to getting a sneak peek into the filming of “Wrecked,” Lowe also teases what’s to come in the final two episodes of the season. When viewers last saw Florence, she was sailing off into the sunset with Emma (Ginger Gonzaga) and Todd (Will Greenberg). But naturally, it’s not all smooth sailing.

“We’re sailing off and I will say that I find my power on the ocean and I may or may not make an impact on the future of the island,” Lowe teases, adding that Todd is “definitely going to try to get some action before the season’s over.”

The “Wrecked” finale airs Tuesday, Aug. 2 starting at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS and follow along with Zap2it’s Instagram all day Tuesday to get an inside look at the show with Jessica Lowe.