Everyone knows “reality” TV is far from real, but that doesn’t make it sting any less when those suspicions are confirmed. The fact that “The Bachelor” is entering its 21st season is proof enough that audiences are far from giving up on the fairytale it’s selling. And while it’s likely few seasons will be able to deliver, for example, a Trista and Ryan, it doesn’t mean we don’t still hold out hope — which is why it’s so insane that, less than 24 hours after this year’s “Bachelor in Paradise” finale aired, the fallout drama is already starting — and in a big way!

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First, ET Online reported that controversial couple Amanda and Josh have already called it quits. While this is not in any way surprising, it’s still a little disappointing. Sure, everyone hates Josh and was truly worried for Amanda — this sweet, petite mother of two beautiful daughters, marrying such a short-tempered, aggressive man — but we all also hoped they’d prove us wrong. How wonderful would it have been if Josh really was a changed man? What if Josh’s love for Amanda could transform him into a warm, kind stepfather and loving husband?

amanda and josh bachelor in paradise happy times Bachelor fallout begins: One suitors homeless & a Paradise couples done

Nope. He’s still the same old moaning, misplaced “Jersey Shore” castmember, whose only lasting commitment is to eating a full pizza a day and reminding people he used to be a professional baseball player. Amanda played the reality game the best she could, holding out for him even when her best friends, The Twins, confronted her in tears to stay away from Andi Dorfman’s ex. Despite everyone’s misgivings about him, she gave it a shot — or else she wouldn’t have introduced him to her kids at all. But once the “Paradise” lights faded away, and the grim reality of marrying Josh set in, Amanda had to let it go.

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In slightly more surprising news, former “Bachelorette” runner-up Luke Pell, the popular choice most would thought would be the next “Bachelor” star, is continuing to spill the details about how the producers pulled the plug on him at the last minute.

Every season, the Bachelor Nation gods must let a few options slide in their ultimate choice, but none has ever so bluntly described the fallout. Most former castmembers want to stay in the show’s good graces, hoping for a spot in “Paradise,” but Luke is apparently totally okay with never returning to the ABC franchise again.

Finally, on Tuesday (Sept. 7), Reality Steve reported that during an appearance on his friend Chuck Wick’s morning show, Luke mentioned that he’s pretty much homeless. After taking three months off to vie for JoJo Fletcher’s heart on “The Bachelorette,” and then making plans to be this season’s Bachelor, Luke rented out his Nashville apartment.

It may be hard to feel bad for a guy that looks like this:

But Luke was given a rough runaround from ABC’s network executives: People with such power in Bachelor Nation that they don’t have to think twice about the real-life effects of their eleventh-hour choice of Nick Viall over Luke. It’s safe to say the handsome 31-year-old war veteran will be okay, both with the ladies and finding a new home, and no doubt this exposure will give the budding country star a serious career boost — everything will be fine, and Luke’s well aware of that, too. He posted this encouraging Instagram message to let his fans know he’ll be fine, and it’s not hard to believe him.

As Bachelor Nation fans despair that the next four months will be devoid of any new episodes of their favorite reality dating competition, the news will still roll from all the recent drama: Jen will have to speak out at some point on being last-minute-ditched by Nick; it would be very, very surprising if Carly and Evan, and Grant and Lace, actually make it down the aisle; those and other breakups are sure to come.

But fans can rest assured that 2017 will bring hope for that reality TV fairy tale to finally come true once more. Season 21 of ‘The Bachelor” is set to premiere in Jan. and ABC announced on Tuesday (Sept. 6) that “Bachelor in Paradise” is being renewed for another season. The insanity journey continues …