Andrea Reiher | 7:18 PM ‘Big Brother’ final four eviction: The best moments

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It’s hilarious how Corey is joking around and not that upset about being nominated and Nicole is pouting in her bed. That’s kind of her status quo for the season — sleeping, crying or making out in her bed.

Look, we would love to see a female BB winner as much as the next fan, but Nicole doesn’t deserve it this season, at least not if she’s sitting next to Paul. If she’s sitting next to James, we could see the argument for her. It’s just tough to want to award someone $500K who treats “Big Brother” like a dating show instead of a competition.

Nicole had one really good week, but other than that … what has she really done to deserve to win?

Andrea Reiher | 5:04 PM

Nicole and Corey flipping on their final four deal with Victor and Paul was a smart move on their part, for sure. As much as we liked Paul/Victor, you can’t fault Nicorey for doing what’s best for their game. Fortunately, Paul lives to fight on.

The big question for Paul is can he pull off two HOH victories in a row? Because you know none of the other three people still in the house will take him to the finals. As far as we’re concerned, he has the best argument to win and the others should be terrified of him winning the final HOH.

It’s funny how much we did a complete 180 on Paul. He was so abrasive when the show first started, but he has really tamped down on the obnoxious affectations and become a very likable houseguest.

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This just reminded us … Survivor starts next week too. Who’s ready for Old Dudes vs. Young Dudes? “Millennials, amirite?” seems to be a large part of CBS’ strategy this fall TV season.

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In case you were wondering about Corey’s chances to stay in the house, #CoreyEvictionParty is already going strong on Twitter. It doesn’t sound like very many tears are going to be shed … except for Nicole’s. BOOM.

Andrea Reiher | 4:50 PM ’Big Brother’s’ Paulie Calafiore is kind of the worst

Can we please talk about how awful Paulie has been this season, particularly towards the women? Apparently Da’Vonne and he got into it in the jury house, which … ’bout time.

It’s kind of gross he made it as far as he did, but at least he isn’t going to win. We don’t really like his bro-dude Corey’s chances at this point either. Yay! #TeamPaul.

Andrea Reiher | 4:42 PM ’Big Brother: Over the Top’ – what’s that going to be like?

Before the episode starts, let’s talk about the new edition of “Big Brother,” “Over the Top.” First of all, the abbreviation should definitely be #BBOTT (pronounced: bee-bot). Secondly, do you hope it maintains the same basic schedule as normal BB? Or that the online edition shakes things up?

Executive producer Rich Meehan previously told us, “We want to create times and schedules so if people just want to pop on for a key event, they can do that.” But also maybe now there won’t be such a huge gap between the POV ceremony and the eviction. That would be kind of cool.

What’s also going to be interesting is will we now be able to watch from the moment the houseguests enter the house? Or will they be inside for a while before the feeds turn on, like with normal BB? We’re hoping for the former — it always sounds like there are plenty of missed shenanigans in that gap between when the houseguests enter and when we actually get to start watching the feeds.

Andrea Reiher | 4:33 PM Welcome to the BB18 final four live blog

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