After the tedious egg-and-chicken-coop competition, there's a new Head of Household in the "Big Brother 18" house and the targets for the week are pretty clear. Read on to find out what's going on in the house, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

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Zap2it's power rankings are fairly cut and dried for week 11. Everything hinges on the Power of Veto, but for right now, Victor and Paul are riding high. And Natalie and James have now realized what a huge mistake they made not getting Corey out when they could.

1. Victor, up 3 spots

Victor is the new HOH, so he's obviously in very good shape this week. Of course, after Michelle's eviction and now his plans to put James and Natalie on the block, his alliance with Paul and Nicorey is out of the bag, but Natalie and James don't have the numbers for it to make any difference.

Victor is going to have to watch himself next week, when he can't play for HOH and may be seen as the perfect target to take out a major threat in the game, but for this week, he's top dog in the house.

2. Paul, up 1 spot

Paul is safe by virtue of Victor's HOH win. These two are perfectly happy to go to the end together, so we don't expect Victor to flip on Paul in any scenario.

3. Nicole, down 1 spot

Victor and Paul have agreed that they aren't going to flip on Nicorey since Nicorey was so loyal to them this past week. The only thing that might muck things up is if James or Natalie wins POV. But we think Nicole has the edge over Corey in that scenario and here's why ...

4. Corey, down 2 spots

If we were Victor, Corey would be our re-nom -- because then if Paul and Victor did decide to flip the script, they'd have Paul's vote and whoever came off the block (James or Natalie) to get out Corey, who is a pretty big threat in the game. Maybe they'd rather have Nicole as a back-up eviction option, but we would put Corey up and then think real hard about whether we wanted Corey or Natalie/James out.

5. Natalie, up 1 spot

Natalie is going up on the block simply so that James won't have the option of her winning POV as a non-nominee and saving him, thereby rendering them both safe. But Natalie is not the target.

6. James, down 1 spot

James is the target this week. The rest of the house realizes what a threat he would be to win if he made it to the end -- which is ridiculous, because James is super likable but he hasn't played the game AT ALL -- so he's on his way out if he doesn't win POV.

What would be interesting is if Natalie wins POV, saves James and then manages to convince Paul to vote out whoever is on the block with her, Nicole or Corey. Stranger things have happened, though that's a lot of moving pieces to fall into place by next Thursday (Sept. 8).