After the fill-your-bowl endurance competition came to an end, the “Big Brother 18” house pretty much set itself for the week and we have bad news for fans of a certain duo. Read on to find out who won Head of Household and who his or her target is, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

1. Nicole, up 2 spots

Corey won HOH, but we’re putting Nicole at the top of the heap in week 12. Nicole is actually sitting very pretty for basically the rest of the season. With Corey winning this week, she’s obviously safe because Nicorey isn’t dumb enough to nominate one of Paul/Victor opposite James and risk that the non-nominated P/V wins Power of Veto and saves the other one, thereby forcing Corey to use Nicole as the re-nom. So, that won’t happen.

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Secondly, nobody really sees her as a target right now. If the one out of Paul/Victor who isn’t evicted this coming week wins the next HOH, we still don’t expect Nicole to go home. It’ll be Corey or James.

Finally, after Thursday’s (Sept. 8) jury house segment, it sounds like Nicole has some support in the jury house. Not from Michelle, obviously, but maybe from the other women? It sounds like she has at least as good of a chance to win the game as James or Corey.

2. Corey, up 2 spots

Corey may be HOH this week, but after this week, he's a huge threat to win comps and maybe James or the remaining Paul/Victor player will decide it's time for him to go.

3. James, up 2 spots

Nicole seems bound and determined to protect James -- lending some credence to their rumored final two deal. James is in no danger this week unless Paul or Victor win the POV, but even then he's probably safe. And Corey being in the house will keep the heat off James after this week as well.

4. Paul, down 2 spots

The only reason Paul is ahead of Victor is because Victor is the target this week. But they're going up on the block together and if Victor wins POV and takes himself off, Paul is going home. It'll be a tie vote, with Victor voting to evict James (the re-nom) and Nicole voting to evict Paul. Then Corey is the tiebreaker and that's game over for Paul/Victor.

5. Victor, down 4 spots

Everyone's favorite cat with nine lives needs to win POV this week or he's going home. It's a darn shame because Paul and Victor have turned into two of the most interesting houseguests and they are certainly playing a more interesting game than Nicorey. But Paul didn't win this week's HOH and that's about all she wrote, unless production steps in to shake things up (which seems unlikely at this point).