“Big Brother 18” has reached that point in the game that happens in many seasons — the twists are pretty much over and the weeks can really drag on if there’s no drama in the house. Read on to get our take on who would be the most interesting Head of Household for week 12 and vote in our poll for your pick, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

First off, the house situation this week is that HOH Victor nominated James and Natalie and neither of them won the Power of Veto, so they’re both still on the block. As of now, it’s looking like the house is going to keep James and evict Natalie. There isn’t much chance of that changing between now and Thursday (Sept. 8).

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With that in mind, who would be the most interesting HOH this week? Let’s count it down — and remember, Victor is ineligible.

4. Paul

Now, we’re not saying we don’t want Paul to win HOH. It would be pretty fun to watch him and Victor get all the way to the end. But Paul seems like a fairly stand-up guy, so if he wins HOH, he would be targeting James so as to stay loyal to his Final Four deal with Nicorey, so unless James wins POV, it would be another boring week.

3. Corey

This one is slightly most interesting than Paul, because even though Paul is a more entertaining houseguest, Corey winning HOH could put him in a tight spot. We're not convinced that Nicole truly wants James to be the next one evicted, so if she starts pressuring Corey to keep James, that could provide some drama when Paul and Victor get wind of what's happening.

2. Nicole

Again, does Nicole really want James out? It seems fairly likely that she and Corey could flip on Paul/Victor, but you know Nicole would prefer to hide behind Corey's HOH and pull the strings from there. What if she wins HOH? Will she still change the target? Or will she be too afraid of getting her hands dirty to go against her Final Four alliance.

1. James

It's always fun to watch a person who has escaped eviction one week rise to power the next week. The really intriguing part of James winning HOH is turning the two pairs against one another. Would James target one pair and nominate them both? Or nominate one person from each pair? James doesn't feel like the kind of person who would want to be the tiebreaker (since there are only two votes in week 12), so he probably would try to avoid one of each pair being the nominees after the POV -- but which pair would he target and which pair would he leave safe to do the voting?

It seems at first glance like he would obviously target Paul/Victor and leave Nicorey safe. But he seems upset at Nicorey switching their allegiance and will probably blame them for Natalie's eviction. Would that be enough to target them?

Vote now in our poll and fingers crossed for an interesting week 12 in the "Big Brother 18" house.