The “Big Brother 18” season has been a little boring as of late, though that’s to be expected at this point in any season. There are only so many voting houseguests left this late in the game and so evictions tend to be foregone conclusions. But if the new Head of Household results, which come from a highly reliable “Big Brother” source, are true, then the season is back to being awesome. Read on to find out why, but be warned of spoilers.

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According to Miss Cleo BB, the new Head of Household is none other than Paul, which means our power rankings have flipped once again.

1. Paul, up 3 spots

This was a crucial HOH win for Paul because if he didn’t win, his time in the “Big Brother” house was over. Now, he still has to either win the final HOH or somehow convince one of the two remaining houseguests to take him to the end, but he cleared a major hurdle and lives to fight another day. Good on you, Paul.

Also, in case you’re confused — the eviction episode where either Paul/Victor was evicted has already been filmed and Victor was expected to be leaving.

2. James, up 2 spots

James is in the No. 2 spot by virtue of the fact that he's not Paul's target this week. Paul knows he needs to put Corey and Nicole on the block together and James is only in trouble if one of them wins the Power of Veto.

3. Nicole, down 2 spots

Here's why Nicole holds a slight edge over Corey -- the only vote this week is James. There have been rumblings all season that Nicole and James have a final two deal and if that's true, James will vote to evict Corey. It all hinges on POV, of course, but Nicole is still in pretty good shape regardless of the POV outcome.

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If Paul or James win, noms stay the same and Corey is probably leaving. If Nicole wins, she saves herself. If Corey wins, he removes himself, James is the re-nom and then Nicole just has to make sure her snugglebunny doesn't decide to evict her. So ... Nicole is in a good spot this week.

4. Corey, down 2 spots

The only for-sure way Corey doesn't go home this week is if he wins POV and takes himself off the block -- though won't it be interesting if Nicole wins POV and saves herself then has to pick between Corey and James? Who will she choose? It seems like maybe she'd choose Corey, but we aren't so sure she will. That would certainly be the most interesting scenario to watch play out, so fingers crossed that's what happens.